Sail Buggy

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ADD on kit – addition of sails with the Buggy

Re-equipment – Nachrüstung of a KiteBuggy with a sail results in a small and an agile country more /Strandsegler, easily and compactly, well in the luggage with course to carry car or airplane forward.

Been suitable for the whole family on beach, Watt, dirt roads, meadow, parking lot, sports field, abroad also on salt lakes etc.

No boring – no welding!   Installs with simple tools!

The sail adapter is adapted with screws, it gives thus no changes or damages at the Buggy. The Buggy can drive thereby further to disassembly of the Buggy Sail kit Ô as Kite_Buggy. The Kite Buggy becomes universal thereby.

With a total weight (Buggy+Rigg) approx. 25 – 35 kg (depending upon execution) even portable; in order to come to the beach, e.g. on the ostfriesischen island Juist.

The put onable Rigg Buggy Sail kit to sails of any Buggy. Sail kit from own production with special sail of professional Segelmachern. At the Buggy are not necessary changes or damages. The Buggy Sail kit consists of:  Mastkoker, three-part. Mast, 2 props, screws, pins + mounting material, Sail with slats, tree with fittings, Vorliek Strecker (Cunningham), Schot with blocks