MG Reverse Buggy

The MG Reverse is a special kitebuggy that originated from a fun project.
Certainly the easiest way is to make a standard kitebuggy like everybody else can but we want to show you that MG is constantly innovating.
Therefore we wanted to try something news.
We are constantly looking to reach a higher level and design. With such projects we increase our knowledge which brings to new ideas.
Apart from these funprojects you can expect more techniques and developments from MG in the future. Keep up to date!


We switched front and back of aclassic kitebuggy and then we have two wheels in front and one wheel at the back.
For accurate steering we use the two front wheels which are placed in the right angle for optimal ground contact.
With normal buggy steps places on the axle it is the same steering as a classic kitebuggy only with a very narrow fork.
The front axle including the steering mechanism is adjustable in position so this can be adapted to the length of the rider.


With a back downtube the length is adjustable. This can regulate the under or over steer of the buggy.
The backsupport can be placed in several positions. This will also be the support for the special lying seat which we will install later.
The height at the back is also adjustable by turning over the fork or using the different angle holes in the clamping plates.
The width of the sidebars has two positions which differ 16 mm.

We hope to show you some more nice projects in the future!