GT-Race Full Option, Carbon edition.

I have been in contact with Martin Faber for years, and have always admired his craftsmanship as a fellow buggy builder, I also featured much of his work on the old Popeyethewelder’s Gaff site…his work has always been first class.

He has since gone on from the early days to produce many GT Race buggies for the market, and they have been received and respected among the buggying community, so very well done on that score Martin.

Martin Faber also has a very good website, well worth a look around you can even design your own GT race buggy. I have also seen the GT race buggies up close at NABX 12, and the quality I have to say is as good as it looks in the photos.

Martin has also not rested on his laurels either, he is pushing the boundaries, and produced two GT-Race full option, Carbon edition, including one for himself.


GT-Race Full Option, Carbon edition


The Specs

  • -Custom flatbed steps with laser-cut GT-Race logo and H191 race number
  • -Full Carbon mudguard by Dragonfly Carbon products
  • -Double tube
  • -Custom GT-Race seat with Dutch flag by
  • -Custom brushed aluminium race plates with printed GT-Race design
  • -Reinforce bars underneath the sidebars
  • -Backrest
  • -Vario set-up for 20mm width adjustment
  • -Carbon/Kevlar composite rear axle 1550mm

The story behind this buggy, or actually two buggies (as there’s another one exactly like this) was to create something out of the ordinary.

The base is the well know GT-Race Full Option with all extra’s integrated, completed with a extraordinary rear axle for a luxurious ride.

Don’t be fooled, it doesn’t bounce but just damps all vibrations to maintain maximum grip and comfort, the main idea came up during the winter time when we where on ice skates.

The axle was build from 7 separate layers of plywood enforced with multiple layers of Carbon and Kevlar to give it that maximum strength and rigidity, we pressed it all together on a vacuum table and finished it of with varnish. We also gave the axle a nice upside down wing shape.


GT Races (115kg heavy) team driver Stephan van Bommel will do some tests with his UL Landsegler wheelsGT Race, thinks this could be a very promising combination!!

All the very best for the future Martin and keep pushing the limits, and with Stephan van Bommel, GT-Race Full Option, Carbon edition and the UL Landsegler wheels….I just cant wait to see the outcome.