Concept Kite Buggies

by Jorge Chapa, 11/25/08



Here at Inhabitat we love wind  powered vehicles for their inspired approaches towards sustainable  transportation – after all what could be simpler than sailing along on a breeze?  Designed by Tsun-Ho Wang, Min-Gyu Jung, and Sung-Je Do, this futuristic Wind Light Vehicle is an electric concept car that can  deploy a wing-like device to propel it along like a windsurfing board or even a  kite!











Concept designer Mario Pitsch has envisioned a sustainable beach buggy that connects fun sports and individual travel in an entirely new fashion. Christened the Sandfly, the beach buggy is attached to a kite that harvests wind power to propel the buggy. Floating along the coast, the buggy lets the user be independent from local infrastructure and rely entirely on natural sources of energy. The Sandfly also provides enough space for sports and outdoor equipment allowing the user to stay longer in these places. Here are the Sandfly Wind-Driven Beach Buggy By designer Mario Pitsch :
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