You may have seen me write about how the desert is heaped with sand dunes & large flat areas in between called sabkhas. Sometimes, they are called sabkhat but we all call them sabkhas here.

The Mrs’s back was giving her pain (probably came out in sympathy with my day full of negative incidents) so she figured she would give the quad a rest on the Friday.
However, she agreed to follow me down through the desert provided I didn’t stray too far from a sand track or kept where she could drive without blasting up & down dunes.

I put my disassembled UDB in the back of the Landcruiser and moved out to the desert.

I made a 66 km run (one way) not exactly in a straight line but rather like a large letter Z across the large expanse of sabkah & dunes. It took just under 2¼ hours in a mainly overcast condition.
My top speed during the run was 63.1 kph. I felt mainly underpowered for most of the trip with my 4.0m Blade III but kept it on as the wind was gusting badly from time to time.
We didn’t see a soul for the whole ride until I came out on to a quiet sealed road and then only 3 or 4 cars passed by.

One guy stopped to help because he thought we were in trouble as I was disassembling the buggy by the side of the road so that I could shove it in the back of the car.