National Day Buggying & 2 Pink Balls

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Before 1971, the UAE was called the Trucial States and consisted of a bunch of unruly tribes that would go on the rampage once in a while stealing each others camels & women.
For around 150 years until 1971, the Trucial States was a so called British Protectorate. The Brits weren’t too bothered about the tribal antics except that the local tribes were also into piracy. British interest at that time was to protect shipping in view of the commerce taking place in the Arabian Gulf & Gulf of Oman.
So what has this to do with buggying?
Nothing, except that yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the formation of the UAE and we all got a day off work to go buggying.

FluffyWOO sent everybody an email that we should honour our host country by all turning up at the ghaf tree dressed in pink.
Now there are some things I just won’t do and one of them that is being seen either dead or alive in pink. I e-mailed FluffyWOO what I thought of that idea in no uncertain terms.
Not all of the Desert Gang could make it but at least 5 of us buggiers plus Brig, her Razor & a girlfriend (Anna) managed to grace the Sands. To join in the National day celebrations, not that anyone could see us except Ali the camelherder, UAE flags were duly fitted to buggies.