Keeping The Peace

As kite buggiers, many of us are faced with restrictions often brought about by safety concerns of people sharing the same place as us.

I’m very fortunate insomuch that I have lots of space but nevertheless the few people I do encounter, I go out of my way to get along with.

I have always made the extra effort to get along with the few people I come across in the desert. It has paid off and these are very familar with our kites & love to chat as they don’t see people all that often.

I’m always careful not to upset the desert animals especially the camels with my buggying.

The following vid. is of one desert dweller who looks after more than 100 camels (just had loads of baby camels arrive recently). I have been a few time to his desert shack, drunk fresh camel’s milk and chatted about nothing in particular. I always give him & his buddies chilled fruit juice drinks and the occasional phone cards.

He has met a few of my friends & he let’s them have camel rides just for fun etc.

In this vid. you will hear my Mrs & I chatting (sorry it is in Arabic). This guy who name is Ali is actually Sudanese and always calls me by my translated Arabic name. David, my real name in Arabic is ‘Daud’ (pronounced Dow-ood). You might just pick that up in the vid.

Incidentally, these sort of guys if they wanted just have to mention to a local Sheikh that they don’t want me around & I could be banned from buggying in the desert.