A Step Backwards

For the last couple of months, I have been flying my 4.9, 6.6 & 8.5. Blade III’s

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped by my local Buggydrome. The wind wasn’t up to much reading just 9 knots on my wind meter. The wind forecast promised some bigger winds later. Should I put on my 8.5 or 6.6 based on the wind forecast promising 12 knots later?

Neither, I put on my 7.8 Blade II.

It was amazing; I forgot how gentle this kite is & made me realize how aggressive the Blade III’s are.

I gently rolled across the sabkha enjoying it like an old man wearing a hat on his Sunday afternoon drive through the Norfolk countryside.

Wake up! Wake up! I’m day dreaming as I buggy across the plains. The dunes were approaching. Even with the gusts, the ride through the dunes was pleasant enough. I thought to myself, ‘5h!te! This must what getting old is all about’. Why aren’t I putting on a bigger kite & pushing harder so that I can fly off the dune ridges.

Maybe it’s getting that time or maybe I was just taking it easy. How will I know?

The Mrs must have been thinking that her old man needs to preserve himself a bit better & bought me a new helmet. The old blue & white one was getting a bit tatty and falling apart inside. (pic with new helmet).

So just a couple of pics of gentle dunes & GPS which is nothing to shout about.

No wind today, so can’t shake myself from this lethargic mood.