A Nucleur Day

Yesterday’s buggying wind was somewhat nucleur to start with but settled down later. I kept increasing my kite sizes as the winds eased  i.e.  3.0m Blade, 4.0m Tatoo, 4.0m Blade. 4.9m Blade, 6.5 m Blade.

The wind dropped right off towards the late afternoon and I struggled to get out of the Half Pipe as the 6.5 Blade would just flutter down in moments of calm.

Friday 13th is considered unlucky by many but it was my lucky day as I had a good time.

This was my highest speed ever, breaking my previous record of 66.0 kph about a year ago. Note that my GPS is on its way out.   This is all Angelo’s fault for dragging me over bumpy terrain a couple of weeks back.  It shook the GPS almost to bits.

Note that I clocked over 100 kms despite all my kite changes. Works out about 4 hours & 18 mins buggy time.

Brig had a visitor who was herding a bunch of camels into the sand storm.

I slept well last night.


Two of my mates rolled up and they didn’t even bother getting their buggies out let alone a kite. We sat and chatted in the back of my Landcruiser, which by this time was full of sand.

We hoped the wind would ease off and kept measuring it. We measured 32 knots & of course gusting badly.

32 knots in the UK probably isn’t anything special & I guess many buggiers have kites smaller than a 3.0 Blade. However this was a Shamal which occurs very rarely here.

Cr@p! back to work tomorrow.