32 Knots

My weekend has been disasterous.

Yesterday (beginning of my weekend), I got clobbered for some work obligation. Luckily, that doesn’t happen very often.

25 knots was promised for today but should have realised by the way the sand was racing across the road that 24 knots was a conservative figure:

My smallest kite is a 3.0m Blade.

My total buggy time was 4 minutes & 35 seconds, which put a high demand on my buggying skills as the kite danced angrily around the sky.

Visibility wasn’t the best sat just a few inches above the floor.

Two of my mates rolled up and they didn’t even bother getting their buggies out let alone a kite. We sat and chatted in the back of my Landcruiser, which by this time was full of sand.

We hoped the wind would ease off and kept measuring it. We measured 32 knots & of course gusting badly.

32 knots in the UK probably isn’t anything special & I guess many buggiers have kites smaller than a 3.0 Blade. However this was a Shamal which occurs very rarely here.

Cr@p! back to work tomorrow.