Sand Yeti’s Visit to UK 2010

It has been two years since Dave and Brigs last visit to our home, although we did go to see them last year at there home in Dubai. The normal routine is Dave and Brig come here and the wind goes…well this year was slightly different as the wind at Mablethorpe was here and in the right direction….but the tide times were terrible, and due to an evening dinner commitment we could not have an evening session. So we decided to go to Air Boss World near Leicester, and get Dave on the grass for a change, unfortunately the wind further inland was very poor ranging from 0-8mph. Elly and her Husband who run ABW were very nice and also very helpful and we spent about an hour with them chatting, Denise and Brig had fallen in love with their huge dog which was adorable.

We went round to the other side of the field where we set up Dave in a Cougar 2.5 and a 6.5 Blade 2, I was in the Dom 4 (slight over kill) and an 8.6 Cooper.We had a nice time but the buggying was very limited due to the poor wind. We stopped for lunch and had strawberries and Champagne…courtesy of Dave and Brig, then had another bash on the field in the afternoon. ABW then kindly brought round a 12m Flysurfer, which I had a little play with, but even that need slightly more wind to have a decent buggy with.

After the trip back home, we had a nice evening meal, then met again Sunday morning for a coffee up near Lincoln Cathedral, then a pub lunch in Waddington before Dave and Brig finally had to leave for their trip back.

I have said before what a great couple they are, and they are both so passionate about buggying and their desert adventures you can spend all night just listening to them…I hope we meet again real soon.

Please note Airboss World is now called Midland Airsports