The PTW Superbug 2

Well, as you can see I have gone back to basics, and made a newer version of the SuperBug,
The difference being:-
42mm O/D side rails, 33mm O/D bracing at the rear, New 8mm side rail plates, New clamping system for the rear axle. New foot plates with stirrups Offset forks, can be varied from 70mm, 100mm and 130mm offset. Hand cut Yokes, Leading Link. Dog legged rear axle, for raising and lowering the buggy. 380mm internal dim of the side rails
58kg gross weight
1640mm rear axle
Usual mirror finish

Well after much deliberation, I decided to lose the T3 side rails, and go old School again, so I used some 42mm O/D sched 40 tube and made some new plates and clamps at the same time. The side rails are 380mm inside, and the buggy with the wheels on weighs in at 57kgs….perfect.

As you can see from the finished buggy below, I have redesigned the back rest, making it lower and more curved around the back.

First time out in this buggy, I broke my pb and managed 57.4mph using a 3.4m Yakuza…well pleased

Well, after the first run, although the buggy feels very rigid, after using the leading link on my previous buggies for the last year, this buggy felt as though I had wooden wheels on….and that was a smooth beach. So I have redesigned the yokes, making them offset, I can use either 70mm, 100mm and 130mm offset, I am starting off with the 100mm offset, and of course I have added the leading link.

Well, I was pleased with my new buggy, but Jon at Buggybags wasn’t, he didn’t like the way his race seat fitted against the side rails…as you can see from the photos above, my side rails are high and the Buggybags race seat, is a good 100mm below the rails, so, Jon and Helen set to work, and made a special seat specially to fit this buggy, as you can see, the seat now fits the profile of the rails much better.

Not content with making the perfect seat for the buggy, he also personalised the seat for me

Yet again, and as always, Jon and Helen have come up trumps and produced a fantastic piece of kit, and their workmanship is as perfect as always.

Superbug 2 1

Superbug 2 2

Superbug 2 3

Superbug 2 4

Superbug 2 5