The PTW Cougar

The PTW Cougar was my first real attempt at making a worthy race buggy, with asymetrics on the rear, bigfoot lite on the front. 1530mm by 48mm rear axle, 1750 wheel centres front to back, 60mm by 40mm swan, 470mm high side rails out of 33mm tube, and wieghs in at 47kg. The PTW Cougar.

With thanks to Jerry from “Race kites”, for the decals and cougar T-shirts, and Jon and Helen “Buggybags” for the side rail, Back rest covers and TSG. Many, many thanks for helping me out with the finer details, top quality products.

Cougar 1

Cougar 2

Cougar 3

Cougar 4

Cougar 5

Cougar 6


Oct 18 2009  09:22 pm I love the lines on this buggy! Carl you are the man!All of your buggies are First Class! Rich (shehatesmyhobbies)

Feb 25 2007  12:21 am Nice work PTW! Very shiek and sleek!! as usual…………..stoaked!!
Regards, Tridude

Feb 2 2007  02:01 pm You should be very proud, a nice piece of work. Bravo I need to do the same, hard to get buggies In Canada.

Jan 28 2007  08:26 am that is one wicked pissa good looking gleaming buggy.   PAUL LAWRENCE

Jan 23 2007  03:38 am Real nice looking buggy Carl, would look even better with some PTW Cougar side boards ie.. ps    hope the link works. Sambuca

Jan 20 2007  07:03 pm That is SO cool Pops 🙂 I wouldn’t want to ruin it on the beach! Catch you soon Taunton

Jan 20 2007  05:16 am Smart Buggy Carl, and the sea at mablethorpe soooooooooooo blue ;o)

Jan 19 2007  10:47 pm Looks good but it will be interesting to see how long it takes you to break the forks where the tube joins at the top,   not much strength in that section for the type of buggying we do.

Jan 19 2007  09:40 pm Nice one Carl… Brilliant bit of kit. I wish I had the skill and the patience to create something like that! See ya, Si (Spiritflier)

Jan 19 2007  08:38 pm Look great!! The wrap round sand_mud gaurd on the front looks like you gave it a lot of thought. i bet it purrs like a cat
top marks

Jan 19 2007  08:11 pm You look so chuffed with your latest masterpiece, nice one Carlos! good job you did not show us any more pic’s the one when you knock one off over the beauty !!!!   Mark T  

Jan 19 2007  04:20 pm The smile you are wearing in that pikkie kinda says it all. Well earnt. Top looking Bug.

Jan 19 2007  09:32 am Exceptional work Carl, great stuff! Jerry

Jan 19 2007  09:08 am Yeah Carl,really great one,looks nice done again.
Cheers      Michel

Jan 19 2007  08:51 am What a beauty! Rob

Jan 19 2007  08:03 am That really is stupidly shiney 😛 i wouldnt want to get it dirty!!! Nice work!

Jan 19 2007  07:11 am Carl thats just sex on wheels m8……Carpman

Jan 19 2007  06:02 am I wonder whats next carl…mass production mayb..Archieboy

Jan 19 2007  06:00 am WOW ! So when they going into production then ? When,s the first one coming off the line ? And how much will they be ? I know !I know ! If I have to ask I cant afford ! But nice to dream !!!

Jan 19 2007  05:51 am Awesome buggy carl! I want it. Swap ya for ma PL comp ST 😉 Charlz

PTW Cougar Forum Comments
OMG……It’s Beautifull
blimy!!! That looks mint!!!! can i have a go???
that is shockingly beautiful, and bloody hell 47kg
Holly WoW!! That looks the dogs whatsits…can I get one?
wow thats stunning whats the diffrence from the panther????
nice bug mate makes my vmax look like a reliant robin : (
It’s like watching Orange County Choppers, all that shiny steel.
Where did you get all that sunshine from?
wowza, iv been cheking your site for a while watching th eprgression, great to see how good it looks now.
had chance to test it yet? or to worried the shine will go? i would be!!!
well youve gone and done it again .that is stunning carl .looks the dogs i hope to see you out on it soon . pm ing you now
Now its made are you actually going to go kiting….???? looks vvvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyyy nice…hope you are going to let me have a go…
Wow, all I can say is wow.
as soon as he’s finished doin his trailer for it lol
Lol…..wonder if he will make his trailer shine as much…
bet those kites are as clean his buggy….
Nice lookin bug there popeye, great web site too. If the Buggy handles as good as it looks you’ll have em queuing round the block.
I’m 1st……Can i try before i buy?
mate   that looks ablosutely sick i have always loved your buggys and this just shows how experienced you are
How many man hours did that take???
that looks like its one hell of a beast but can it hold a good line???
would love to test it out to the max
i dont do big buggys really as ime flexi thru and thru – but credit where its due IT LOOKS FOOKIN ACE if it handles like it looks you’ve hit the jack pot, one of the best looking big bugs ive seen Popeye you truely are a welder
phoar, hats off to you Carl! This buggy does look a tad nice!
I think that if you ever get the change to sell these on, that you have a lot of potential customers
how much did it cost to build
OMG this should be nominated for a design award!
Only one criticism………er!   Do you want to swap it for my wife.Lovely girl,$hits anywhere.
I dont do buggies but I have to say that is one great looking machine you have constructed there Popeye   .
Maybe you should make a “Plinth” a bit like Top Gear did for their Toyota Hilux? Then it will really stand out & the little peeps behind the massive crowds you pull with it will be able to get a look too.
looks excellent carl………………nice weather too
Looks can kill,its a mass murderer:-)
fantastic buggy its mint
oooohhhhh    Buggy’s alright popeye, if thats the best you can do
nice buggy Carl, great explanation on how you did on your site, either your single or you must have a very sympathic family for the hours of polishing gone into the frame LOL.
where is the evolution of the buggies going now ? something more radical or even more shiney
my god. that is one chunky sunnuva well beautfil buggy. i was going to say something rude but i thought better of if. sexy ***** i suppose is wat i’d call it
The Mutz Nutz of buggies   Well done Carl.
Popeye,slick machine dude,in the process of having my own built,you,ve pinched all the cool names,so maybe i’ll call mine The Moose,or Goat,perhaps The Foxtrot, but i’ve only just got most of the bits,so right now its The kit.Like your’e buggy build info,that will be very useful,though i have my own ideas,the technical info will be valuable,keep on rocking Popeye,cheers,Pete.
Carl, I thought the last project was brilliant. You have surpassed yourself. Attention to detail? You can be well rpoud of what you have produced. Top job mate.
Just too good mate! Love it.
A work of art Popeythewelder. I have sent my critique to your personal e-mail address. Let me know if I’m being too hard.
Popeye I reckon you should start a little youtube blog called “pimp my buggy” where people with crap buggies bring them to you and you pimp them up. Of course it would have to include some amateur dramatics and someone attempting to rap for it to be the real deal!
Maybe one of those 500 Sky TV channels that shows nothing but crap mite be interested in sponsoring it? Or maybe Tim Westwood is so desperate for a gig he mite do it? mmm the possibilities!
Oh by the way, im not a buggier, only had a go once, but that Couger looks really sweet! I was wondering – the structure on the front wheel looks over engineered, is this the case or is it quite efficient strength to weight?
I’m blind!!
damn, that’s sekzy
i want one
How does she ride? I imagine you have all the angles and lengths tweaked now cause this is your 3rd or 4th one?
Beyond sweetness!…………..aj
Looks sweet Carl!
How does it compare to the Panther?
Bling bling
Nice buggy
That is such a nice buggy. Well done!
Nice work, Carl!
that is an exceptionally beautifull bug!
WOW That is one nice piece of beachwear you got there Popeye. Bling Bling.   The CF decals just finish it off nicely. What did you use to get the polished finish that is so labour intensive. Brilliant work.
Sweet buggy carl, Out of this world!!
Absolutely stunning buggy Carl.
Fantastic job and I hope you make some time to get it on the beach.
It’s the Cat’s Knax!
Utterly superb work Carl   Jerry
Popeye you truly are committed to the cause!!! How many hours do you put into making a bug? I know its more than people think for sure. For me the most impressive thing is you have the technology and know how but you just post your drawings on your site for all to see. This is a sign of a master of his trade. Fantastic bug and awesome webbie. Nuff said.
A truly awesome looking bug….. nice work and what a skill..!! well done.
Congrats Pop, looks stunning!
Carl – do you take credit cards?
that is sweet.
Carl, Another outstanding Job. Well done mate.
That is a truly amazing buggy.
Edit: After looking at your pictures, I’ve changed my mind. It needs a new word.
Carl Thats just sex on wheels u truly r a master and gifted at ur trade well done m8
I showed my wife how my weblinks were working…
She took one look at your cougar and was so impressed, she said to me….
….”Makes your sandboard look really crap”
Thanx, Carl…
But mainly for detailing your Cougar costs!!!
Carl that is true a thing of beauty I hope when I have completed the ones that I am under taking I do justice to the plans that you have supplied yours is the work of art that I expected to see well done
That’s an amazing piece of work there Carl. Are you making these as one-offs or are they buyable ? Regards, Joel
bloody hell carl, thats awesome matie, when can you have mine in the post