The PTW Cheetah

My next buggy is to replace the Wildkat, a buggy purpose built for running on barrow tyres. Again I didn’t want to make another Wildkat, so I thought, seeing as I am so pleased with the Dominator design, I will make a lighter weight version of that buggy, with a something a little different from the norm, and that is the forks, I wanted to make some forks again using the Leading Link, and also, to look different from anyone else’s….The main frame is made from 27mm OD tube, and I have to say after sitting in this buggy, this is my favourite buggy of all…I love it.


Cheetah 2

Cheetah 3

Cheetah 4


Well Heathcliff brought the Cheetah home today and it was fitted with a new front end to take bigfoots…looks a different buggy now. Congratulations to Heathcliff today, he clocked 59.7mph forwards and over 50mph backward on the barrow set up on Camber Sands.

Review from Heathcliff the new owner of the Cheetah

I have owned this buggy a few weeks now and have plenty of opportunity to test it and see what it can do.So far I had it up to 49 m.p.h. forward and 32 m.p.h. backwards it is very stable and holds the line when other kiters are having to depower or put up a smaller kites.

So far I have not found how fast it can go but will give it a go later this month on Le Hemmes.I fly mainly on Camber Sand or Greatstone so if the tide is out and the wind is in me and my Cheetah will be on the beach so come and say hello and see Popeyes craftsmanship.