PTW Viper

My good friend Mike Kenley from Idaho USA a current PTW buggy owner, wanted a buggy to purposely run Landsegler NABX/WET UL Disc Wheels, and so I set to work.  The buggy would be based on his PTW Playa buggy, but with a disc fork incorporating my last set of ‘Nike Tick’ type fork plates…..The buggy was to be ready before 2013 season on the US dry lake beds, Ivanpah and Alvord, Mike also wanted the buggy polished…his wishes were my command.

In the photos below, there is a temporary swan neck, as Mike already has a polished one, the Landesgler wheels shown are the wider BEACH UL Disc wheels


PTW Viper 29

PTW Viper 21

PTW Viper 19

PTW Viper 17

PTW Viper 16

PTW Viper 08

PTW Viper 05

PTW Viper 02

PTW Viper 01

Bolt heads polished

Bolt heads polished

All polished and nearly finished

All polished and nearly finished

Almost finished

Almost finished

Landsegler Forks for Playa Buggy 01

Nike Fork Plates 6