New parts for the Dominator 4

Tom aka RedSkyHorison, pushes a buggy as hard as anyone I have come across, so much so in fact that the leading link forks that were on the Dominator 4 buggy got twisted…..not once, but twice, I suggested to RSH to lose the LL forks and I would make some NIKE tick forks up with off set yokes and reinforced fork leg supports.

RSH also wanted to run bigfoot wheels and discs on camber, so I had to make a special set of cambered stub axles up as the Dominator does not have the conventional axle as other buggies, it has axle plates, and they would foul if RSH were to use his Cadkat hubs. I was concerned the extra leverage from the extended subs would bend the 8mm axle plates so added and welded a 8mm washer plate, RSH would then add the other 8mm washer plates he has either side of the axle plate, giving a tremendous amount of support, in fact there would be 32mm worth of stainless plates around that area, surely that should stand up to RSH punishing  style of buggying.

Special cambered stub axles


New front end for the Dominator 4….with twin GPS holders

These are the kind of conditions RSH goes out in… fear