Mablethorpe Revisited

Whats going on?…..Easterlies don’t come around that often….and now Friday 18th May 2012, there’s another perfect onshore wind for Mablethorpe, and as luck would have it, I am off work on the Friday…

The wind was around 15-18mph, and I was flying the HQ Prodigy 4.2m for the first time, and it never once let me down, and nothing passed me on the beach that day, that was due to a combination of things, the superb kite, the Apexx Buggy and the outstanding Landsegler wheels

I was also using a new SC2 cameragrip clamp, from  Hague Cameragrip  so was hoping for some new camera angles in the video, you can see the results in the video below.

HQ 4.2m Prodigy


PTW Scrubbing speed off


Fly pass


PTW catching Paps


Scrubbing speed


View of the camera clamp


Another speed run


Heading South


Close up