Cougar 2 Plans

PTW Cougar 2 Plans:- Conditions of use


Hello buggy builder, I have been building kite buggies for a number of years, I have spent the time gradually perfecting making a no frills but perfectly effective kite buggy that someone with the minimum of fabrication skills can make with ease.

Why waste your hard earned money experimenting building a kite buggy, there are many things that have to be addressed such as rake and trail of the forks, the balance of the buggy, the length, width, the angles and dimensions, I have spent many years doing all the hard work for you so you do not have to make any costly  mistakes.

For a simple donation we can supply you with the full CAD plans of the Cougar 2, including the laser cutting files (you send the files to the laser/water jet cutters to supply your plate work). We paid a considerable amount for these plans to be made up of the Cougar 2 buggy, and it took us many months of designing, planning, making and testing this buggy until you see it as it is today. Why waste money on mistakes, get it right first time, forget wasting money making prototypes, jump straight to the front of the class, and walk onto the playa with pride, this buggy can be used to cruise in style or race.



The formats the drawings are in are as follows

  1. 3D Parts and complete assembly

  2. 2D drawings in solidworks format

  3. 2D drawings in autocad format (DFX, which are the laser cutting files)

  4. 2D drawings in pdf format

  5. Exploded parts view

  6. Front, back & side views of complete buggy

  7. 304 Stainless materials data sheet.

  8. Excel parts list/BOM 


Once you signed the terms and conditions and donated, we will then to email you a complete set of plans for you to make the Cougar 2 buggy. 



PTW Cougar 2

 Download PDF below

         PTW Cougar 2 Plans Terms & Conditions 2013