242 Days

Yeah….thats right 242 days is the time I last rolled my buggy wheels on the beach, I have been inland and also across the pond to NABX, but 242 days is the amount of time since I last buggied on a beach….and that quite frankly is too long.

There have been reasons for this lack of buggying time, but reasons I won’t go into here, lets just say, I am doing all I can to correct this issue I have and am vowing to get much more beach time in this year 2012.

The 28th April 2012 was the first time for a few things….Mablethorpe in the UK was blowing an easterly, 25-30mph onshore, I swear it was calling my name.

  1. First time I have used my Apexx on the beach
  2. First time I have used HQ Prodigy on the beach
  3. First time out on my new Landsegler Beach wheels

The Buggy, Well, I found the buggy handled superbly well, and really done everything I asked of it, the few over turns were my errors, and certainly not the buggys thats for sure. The Apexx, as you know is a class piece of kit, costly but classy none the less, I could have just copied an Apexx, like most every other race buggy builder has done, but I put my money where my mouth was and bought one out of respect for Ruudje and Ozzy, and have no regrets there. I am not saying they are the best buggy in the world….but I would say they are the best race buggy for sure.

PTW riding the Apexx on Landsegler Beach Wheels















The Landsegler Wheels, I believe the Beach wheels are the perfect choice for the average beach…they roll over soft sand just as well as BF as you now weigh that much lighter for a start, then, add the fact you will not aquaplane with these tyres either in the wet…..I tried this out, I believe the are the perfect intermediate wheel/tyre combo….between a full bigfoot and a disc wheel. Plus they are PERFECTLY round unlike many bigfoots As far as racing is concerned on a very wet beach, then the nabx 47mm wide wheel would be the obvious choice, but for everyday use, these are the babies without doubt.

  1. The wheels make a humongus difference to the buggy…this now only weigh 37kgs with 4 weights added….I noticed a few things.
    It was a dam sight easier getting the buggy on and off the beach, also lifting the buggy on and off my trailer.
  2. The buggy is so light now, I have to make a conscious effort to go down at least one size of kite.
  3. Acceleration now from a standing start is amazing, I have never had this feeling before.
  4. The wheels IMHO are ……..brilliant, I love them, TBH I can’t ever see me putting eurotrax back on again….even with the much narrower axle that I am used to ie 1380 compared to all my buggies 1600, and then with running much narrower wheels I was nervous at first about going into turns hard, I needn’t have worried, they acted just the same as bigfoots. Not once did one of the rear wheels leave the ground, the only time any wheels left the ground was when all three did going up and over a shallow rise in the sand.

The Kite, I was using the smallest HQ Prodigy in the range, the 3.4m , these are superbly built kites, and pull and keep pulling. I am extremely happy to have become a HQ team rider and will do my best for the company, I am also looking to trying out the other sizes, so far yet all I have used is the 3.4m.


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