Which phone app is good for buggy speed and tracking?

  • Marcus Edwards – What GPS phone app is good for buggy speed and tracking? Android or iPhone
  • Carlos Urtiaga – I use Speedview GPS speedometer on Android. Works well enough
  • Carlos Fandango – On Andriod I use My Tracks, its superb and uploads your tracks directly to Google maps
Slightly off topic but related
Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – Ooo.. I can see a new world record being recorded by a phone app… Personally I wouldn’t recognise any speed recorded by phone apps as genuine
Tony Ferguson – I would question the accuracy of mobile device gps. The reason being that at wallop there was someone who supposedly done over 60mph and I could not see anyone going quicker than Rocky who was under 50. The guy in question was using a phone to measure. Has anyone used both at the same time (mobile and etrex) to see if there are any differences?
Carlos Fandango – for a world record it was decided dedicated GPS devices had to be used….
@ Tony ….that was Jay Taylor Grass Record Holder Are you saying this record was not valid? Kieron Jansch was at the same event and clocked 51.80mph….I have to say, I did not double check to see it it was a dedicated GPS device, but that ruling came in after Brian Holgates world speed record, and that rule I think is sensible….the most important part being able to download the tracks, along with some video footage actually proving you are where you are and not riding a quad bike or something. All kite buggy world records now have to follow a simple set of rules to eliminate any argument, and if you cannot follow these rules, the simple question is….why?
Kite Buggy Record RULES
Also Tony, to answer your question, I always run a GPS device and sometimes run the app on my phone too….I have to say, it is normally pretty much spot on….even with dedicated GPS devices, you do get rougue readings, I did last time at BLS, my Etrex was reading over 70mph, I had not been over 45mph.
That is why for World records, at least two GPS units must be used, and the lower of the two readings recorded, with 3 GPS units the middle reading is recorded, if only 1 GPS unit is used, the record will not be recognised, this is the fairest and most accurate way to validate WR without getting completely bogged down in red tape and page upon page of mind numbing rules……remember this is for WR only…..for all other personal bests,  a GPS photo and a few words is enough, normal rules apply….
Tony Ferguson – I wouldn’t like to be the one to say this record is bogus. I am just pointing out my observations of the day and the disbelief when I heard someone went over 60mph. There were lots of other disbelievers on that day too. It it may well have been sour grapes. Good luck to him if it were for real. I guess we will never know.
Jay Taylor – It was for real mate I had even snapped my buggy doing it and melted a wheel hub bearing housing .also have 2 witnesses the app that I used is spot on even next to my Etrex. Had to get Carl to make me a buggy he has seen the damage done to the old buggy, that sort of damage dose not get done at low speed chap. It is just unfortunate that some people have to be sour about it but I say believe what you won’t to believe but if you won’t to hold the record you go that fast
Carlos Fandango – I don’t think Tony meant anything personally, he was just pointing out, that certainly for WR attempts mobile phone Apps in the future will be discredited. Brian Holgate also had many disbelieving his WR at the time even though he was using 2 GPS units, witnesses and the tracks from one of the units proved the record was valid…..many people have an idea of the buggiers around who are mad or brave enough to attempt such records, and when new names pop up into the mix there will always be raised eyebrows. Certainly the person who has broken the record wants it to be just as accurate the the existing record holder.
Marcus Edwards was mealy asking what apps can be used for speed and tracking, he didn’t mention anything about breaking records, that in itself is a whole different kettle of worms that has been discussed to death and back.
  • Carlos Urtiaga – Have just uploaded MyTracks Carlos, will try it out this weekend!!!
  • Mark Stiles – I tried GPS Logger II on my Samsung S3 and on my old Blackberry, surprisingly the Blackberry version had more features. Now I have a Garmin eTrex H as I don’t fancy taking my S3 anywhere near the beach its worth more than my buggy for a start!
  • Dimitri Melnik – Motion X-GPS on the iPhone and its pretty accurate. The mobile is in a Lifeproof Case when i Take it to the beach. LINK
  • Mark Sherlock – for the price of that case you could buy a Garmin eTrex and not have to take your phone anywhere near the sand ;o)
  • Dimitri Melnik – The cheapest etrex 10 i found is about 100€. The Lifeproof Case was a very good Investment for me because i can use my iPhone everywhere and in each conditions and dont have to worry about getting it damaged.
    PS- the question was- which app 😉
  • Jorge Cabrera – I use https://www.sports-tracker.com/