Waterproofs, staying dry

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  • Robin Cook – Thinking about a dry suit or some yacht racing gear for the winter weather and wondering what people wear and why.
  • John Jones – i have a splash suit from lidl, only £20 odd, works well, it was made for motorcycle use, but looking at a dry suit
  • Carlos Fandango – I use a dry suit for very wet conditions, but I hate the feeling of something tight around my neck, (in fact I have cut my neck seal off), I prefer to wear sailing salopettes, very comfy and easy to remove when nature calls, plus a Goretex Army jacket on the top….together they keep me both dry and warm without the feeling of restriction a dry suit can sometimes make you feel
  • Robin Cook – That echoes my thoughts Carl. Never been a fan of wet or dry suits for the same reasons.
    Think this will be the route I take with the possibly of buying a dry suit if I find it needed.
  • David Thorne – Two piece surface kayak gear..
  • Carlos Urtiaga – I use a Crewsaver drysuit I bought off an RNLI guy about 10 years ago, problem with it, it’s not breathable so although nice & warm whilst buggying, once you stop you get cold rather quickly!!!
    Other times I use a motorbike suit that was a tenner from LIDL or a short wetsuit on those hot days!!!!
  • Jaap Tanis – I use rain-clothing for biking and Gortex shoes which close tightly on the trousers.
  • Robin Cook – How does the motorbike gear hold up mate
  • David Thorne – Motorbike gear is good. I was running it last season. Lasted the whole season fine. U just got to clean it properly afterwards and it”ll be fine
  • Carlos Urtiaga – My motorbike suit as said, a tenners worth works well, still not breathable!!!
    The worst part of the suit is the crutch, wet sand builds up & it feels like I pissed myself!!!
  • Alan Vidow – When it’s just a little moist or odd water splash I wear Lindstrands motorcross trousers as well fitting & long legs v comfy & zip off at knee too. Top a dare2b mid layer not water proof but thin, wind proof with microfiber on the inside
  • Richard Gaughan – Drysuit all the time – even in the sun!  I always seem to find some wet stuff somewhere! ;o)
  • Arend Geerlings – Gul Vigo mens coastal trouwser with a Gul ballisic spraytop. Verry light and I can use them seperate. The Spraytop I always use in the winter and keeps me every time warm and dry. The fabric is breathable and wind and waterproof. Love it.
  • Ben Gwynne – Summer. None. Winter, my Sailing gear, boots and a change for after.
  • Martin Smith – MuddyFox cycling trousers and jacket I still end up soaking wet either from being to hot or from water down my back but they keep the wind off and stop me from getting cold, though on nice days shorts and T shirt you soon dry out when its sunny 🙂