Video footage, what choices are there? questions




  • Carlos Fandango – Well we all know GoPro are pretty hard to beat for quality video footage, but what alternatives are there?
  • Robin Cook – I’m using a contour hd ATM. Cost me £110 last year with a hdmi media player thrown in for free. Newer models are out hence the good price.
    Quality wise I can’t fault what it does and build quality is very good. Feels stronger than the go pro.
  • Don Edwards – Contour HD
  • Jaap Tanis – I am using an EVO HD CAMsports for HD video.
  • Jorge Cabrera – Drift HD include remote control
  • Steve Warren – I am now making videos with the iPhone and GoPro. I am testing a couple of new cameras at work but still find I fall back onto a GoPro as its hard to beat
  • Giacomo Cafaggi – I use go-pro, but I see the drift at work..eeally good
  • Arend Geerlings – Statick I take my HTC One X. In the buggy on the helmet the Rollei Bullit 1080 Pro HD.
  • John Jones – drift 170hd with a screen and remote, £125 better value than a gopro, and doesnt stick out from the helmet as far
  • Jorge Cabrera – Of course I forgot about the LCD of the Drift, you can see what your recording… with the remote control you can Stop or record , the remote control you put like a watch
  • Arend Geerlings – The Remote and screen do you also get with the Rollei S4.
  • Jorge Cabrera – Arend The Screen bwe inside the camera, here is the LINK
  • Arend Geerlings – The S4 with the pack you get when you buy only the S4. Watercase, remote, screen everything is standerd in the package.