Track days…..for kite buggies, actually going around a race track, could ever be sanctioned? questions


Track Day


  • Pete Stinson –  Full race leathers at the ready!
  • Karen Cartlidge –  Buggy X 🙂
  • Mark Sherlock –  Isn’t that what racing is? Buggies going round a course. Can’t see it working on a circuit, too many obstacles. For example Oulton Park has a start/finish gantry, a couple of bridges and lots of trees. Oh and me howling round in my Scooby lol
  • Carlos Fandango –  thats because that track is for boys..
  • Carlos Urtiaga –  I once buggied Middle Wallop runway many many many years ago….I had just spent 6 months kiting free from a kiting accident and from said accident bought my existing Libre race buggy and collected it at Wallop….Everything seemed fine until I decided to scud off some speed running on intermediates meant I was up on two wheels and heading for another broken shoulder!!! I want full leathers, and body armour please!!!!
  • David Thorne –  We’ve raced our buggies around RAF Lossiemouth runways and was fantastic!! I had my leathers on just in case, but we’re not allowed anymore due to emergency commitment on the airfield.. 🙁
  • Mark Sherlock –  You so need to get to my next trackday at Oulton if you think it’s a boys circuit Carl lol Runway circuits I can see this being possible and they are a lot cheaper to hire for the day. Let me know when it’s organised. I’ll dig out my bike leathers :o)
  • Iain Newton King –  sounds interesting, if a little scary…….Think I’ve got an old set of leathers somewhere(that might still fit). not sure how fit my skidlid is for tarmac, after a season or two racing on beaches, tho.
  • Brian Holgate – I have been thinking of hitting some of the dirt bike tracks around vegas. There is one near boulder city that has the perfect direction for wind.