Strop Length? questions




  • Martin Smith – How long should your strop be…….
    I’m offten discusing this one with various people, having short arms I like to still be able to reach both handles when one is pulled in fully unfortunatly this is not the case if I’m using pre fitted strops
  • Bobby Muse – Remember that if you can’t reach a handle, you can always push the other handle away to pull it back in reach.  But really it only needs to be enough to control the kite.
  • Richard Miller – I was told a good measurement is from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger!
  • Joshua Walsh – I make my own out of 3/16″  (5mm) amsteel.  Cut length @ 31″ (~78 cm,) figure 8 knot in the ends and saturate the knot with thin super glue.  Allow to cure fully for about a week.  Finished size comes out to 22″ (~56 cm.)  These are probably just a bit long, but that seems to help me avoid some occasional interaction of my handles with my side rails.  I do have long arms, though.
  • Ken Shaw – Enough separation so the wing will turn on a tip without brake input. That’s a bit more for a 10m than a 2m.  As I’m a man of girth and I use different harnesses and hot wire rigs from time to time, I simply adjust the distance from the strop to my harness with a QD, shackle or other bits of tackle as needed to keep my high side brake line out of my ribs on full application.