Quick Release and Swivvel…combined?

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    • Mark Sherlock – As the Quick Release thread seems to have disappeared , I’m gonna post the link up again for anybody who’s interested  LINK
    • Al Noblet – thats a nice bit of kit..anyone sending them to newzealand?
    • Robin Cook – Definetly something I would consider, shame there so expensive but if there’s not a huge demand for them it’s not surprising. Fair bit of moulding and fab goes into them by the look of it.
      Kinda limited marketing though if that’s the only outlet for them. Google returns zero hits for this bit of kit.
    • Cresus Archipelago – This is all QR where is the swivel?
    • Mark Sherlock – The swivel is in the base of the pulley block, the tab at the top in the picture rotates around the red QR pull
    • Cresus Archipelago – on a thrust bearing? looks just like a plain rivet
    • Mark Sherlock – no the other end, the red pull doesnt rotate it stays in that position and the whole of the black pulley rotates, the swivel bearings are in the black base of the pulley. when you pull the red pull back it pulls the flat bar along the top of the pulley and releases the pin which makes the pulley split.  The little tab on top is for when changing kites/strops to make it easier to close one handed, rather than pull the red qr, if you can design something like this but for half the cost you will sell a shit load of em 🙂
    • Cresus Archipelago – have you seen one of these?
    • Mark Sherlock – Yes, a couple of the germans had them last year at the euros at hoylake, There arnt many of them about because of the cost, £223+postage
    • John Jones – considering the cost, i was £60 for a chicken loop and a snatch block, not much incentive really, it certainly looks the part, but not for that price :O
    • Robin Cook – Chicken loops don’t swivel JJ. 
      £50 wichard 40 block £40 top furler   £130 about £100 extra for the splitter. Inc postage.
      Wonder what kind of discount they would do for a group buy if there was enough interest.
    • Mark Sherlock – and when you think that i’m now on my 3rd top furler i coulda just had one of these in the first place :o/
    • Robin Cook – That brings up another point Mark. What happens when the swivel gets past it on the splitter. Can it be changed or is it a whole new unit.
    • Mark Sherlock – At that price i would hope its repairable/replaceable
    • Robin Cook – Likewise but Don’t take things. Like that for granted though mate.
      Anyone actually own one of these???
    • Cresus Archipelago – My opinion.. its design philosophy is skewed towards QR. It’s over engineered and there is no way to know if the design of the swivel bearing are any better than the top furler.
    • Mark Sherlock – Sounds more like sour grapes to me ;o) Why does the swivel bearing have to be better than a top furler? This unit incorporates all the buggying requirements into a single unit which is shorter than separate parts, which is what everybody is always saying they want, you included. Its designed by a german so its always gonna be over engineered. Surely the point of starting your thread on pulley systems on popeyes group was to get feedback from people with experience. And experienced people will tell you that a QR is required, anybody not having one is a fool. As I said in the deleted thread, I have never had to pull my own QR but I have had to pull somebody elses.
    • Cresus Archipelago – Mark, you seem obsessed with the idea that I’m not interested in any form of QR, you could not be further from the truth, but you insist in banging on about it for some reason.  I just don’t necessarily feel that QR should A, be a Wichard (which it could be)or B it should form part of the design of the waist connectivity. I’m trying to be completely objective and start with a clean sheet. What I was trying to illicit is a list of broad requirements so that a proper engineering re-evaluation of what we all currently use can be carried out. Your link to this MG Splitter (which seems to fail on the cost facet) was interesting but fell short of a proper requirement. Now it seems that objectivity has flown out of the window and the design brief seems to be …”make one like this at a fraction of the price and we’ll all buy one”  The “sour grapes” jibe was unhelpful and unnecessary. My approach was to improve on what we currently use and have a balanced system where swivels (which don’t wear out every 6 months) and QR have their place and make the whole assembly come in at under a hundred quid. Were I more petulant type I’d say fuck it! buy the German kit and I’ll sort myself out thanks.
    • Robin Cook – Umm, the QR. is the important bit tbh, even if it never gets used.
      Don’t like the idea of a qr on the strop, have mine short enough as it is without losing length on one side to take the pin ect,
      This ticks the right boxes for me. Qr that will release under load check. Swivel (unknown quantity ATM) check short as possible check.
      May end up treating myself to one of these as an Xmas pressie. Then I can take it apart myself and give an honest opinion.
      Gonna see if I can get some more info on it from the designers first though.

  • 26 seconds in. Swivel spins well and shows it releasing. Very cheesy vid with music to suit.
  • Mark Sherlock – Very cheesy indeed lol And that’s also the first version of an automatic quick release that allows the handles to still spin freely ;o)
  • Robin Cook – Still very interested in these. Gonna have to ask a favour of someone and get the info translated.
    If the bearings in the swivel are easily replaced it looks like a winner.
    Could see a use for the auto release but not sure if I’d wanna use it personally.
  • Mark Sherlock – If you find out any more info be sure to let us know.
    I’d only wanna use the auto release if my kite was on a leash, I don’t do running lol
  • Robin Cook – Will do and likewise.
    Though a kite on a leash would kinda defeat the point. 🙂smile
  • Cresus Archipelago – not if it was attached to the buggy – so you’re taken out of the system on an OBE. Kinda feels like there needs to be some kind of leash of say about six foot attached to the brake handle in some way but that would be a pain to manage. the same auto QR effect can be achieved by attaching a strop to the Wichard QR. If it’s a good swivel then that is a different matter – we always seem to discuss these matters in isolation.
  • Mark Sherlock – It depends how you have your system setup, on most peoples the wichard spins so would wrap the release cord around the wichard and then either never release or release on it own.
  • Robin Cook – Flettie. Attaching a leash to the buggy would be a waste of time. Negates the swivel. Only feasible way I could see would be killers attached  to a shackle of some kind on the roller side of the unit. That way the killers would be free to rotate with the handles and roller. When the strop released it would in theory kill the kite. Ofc a secondary qr would then be needed to fully release the kite if needed.
    Tbh I’d rather not use an auto qr. if me or somebody else decides the release needs to be pulled then then the kites gonna be the least of my concerns.
    Suits me anyway. Adding the auto qr just bumps the price up.