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Depower vs Fixed Bridle: which do you prefer and why?

  • John Jones – I fly both, use my depower for cruising, and fixed bridle for speed runs and racing, or if I just want a couple of kites for a lazy day, depwer
  • Robin Cook – Fb. Didn’t like the reduced feedback of depower and missed the snappy response of my fb’s.
    Never tried lei sp can’t comment on them.
  • Cresus Archipelago – FB – I don’t have a DP…yet
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – Dp
  • Marc ten Brink – FB  I don’t use Dp
  • Colin Kuhl – DP as i use mountain boards, buggies, snowboards and surf boards Depower kites are more versitile to use especially if im out flying alone
  • Mark Stiles – I’ve only flown FB so far but I’m interested in trying an LEI they seem like less ‘work’ – the flying style seems to be park them at the end of the wind and pull the bar in, though launching and landing is a bit more complicated, they cost more but then you only need a couple of them to cover a wide wind range. Am I right/wrong… thoughts please 🙂

Do you listen to music when flying? If so whats your tunes

  • Mark Coombs – Rock & trance for me
  • Robin Cook – Only on low wind days. Chill out for me. Eg Clubbed to death, les nuits, and similar.
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – I’d like to.. but also for safety reasons I like to keep my ears open for other beach users
  • Robin Cook – Agree with that Andy. Only time I Listen to music are them real low wind days when ya never get past 10-15mph.
    Normal sessions music is a no go.
  • Carlos Urtiaga – With a full faced helmet on I can’t hear the outside world so it’s Trance for me!!!
  • Nick TheTog Horler – Must say I be lost without music playing in my ears. It seems to be the more wind the heavier the beat goes !!!
  • Robin Cook – One of the lads on racekites modded his helmet with built in headphones.
  • Ken Shaw – Any instrumental piece, Bluegrass to Classical to Trance. Big fan of Joe Satriani or any Highland Reel for nukin’ winds.  Love me some smoking strings and wailing pipes. Get me blood up, it does
  • Alan Vidow – Not when I’m racing but apart from that I do listen to heavy rock/trance/chill out, infancy it’s quite eclectic. It’s generally what makes me buzz ;-). I can’t hear alot with a motox lid so I listen to music.
  • Marc ten Brink – No I only hear the crying sound of my kitelines + squeeking sound of bgifoots on tarmac that’s satisfying enough for my ears
  • Jaap Tanis – No … I like the sounds of where I’am kiting and the sound of my kite and buggy.
  • David Wyman – agreed no music just wind kites and the occasional WWWWWOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Top Furler Swivel….what size?

  • Richard Gaughan – Can anyone give advice on which size top furler is the best for a captive setup?
  • Carlos Fandango – TOP FURLER LINK
  • Robin Cook – This was forwarded to me. Cheapest I’ve seen but no idea on quality. Seasure was my first choice. LINK

Ultramar Kite-Refit  www.kite-refit.com Does it work? Is it worth it?

  • Carlos Fandango – Well personally I haven’t, but there are many people who use seal and glide if its that make or not I am not sure
  • Davis Cheek – OK.. thanks.  Anybody else out there have anything to report about “Seal & Glide”. It’s becpme a topic on the Power Kite Forum and many people are curious about it.
  • Carlos Fandango – Seal and glide users….does it really work? how long does it last ect
  • Robin Cook – Still waiting to do my kites. Planned to do them last week with seal n glide but rained all afternoon. Gonna test a small kite first just in case but others have used it with no issues.
  • Robin Cook – R1ch-G took the time to write up some details here. LINK
  • Ian Nudge Pearse – didnt really seem to do that much to it, its a PVA and silicone mix made the kite shiney, but wouldnt say it was worth all that, in my opinion. lots of money for what you get. And there are the same options out there but a lot cheaper
  • Davis Cheek – Thanks Robin for the r1ch-g.co.uk link. This was a lot of help in understanding what the stuff is and how to use it. I posted it on Power Kite Forum for all to see. Seal & Glide appears to be something new for us “Yanks” to play with. I’ve got a Zebra Z-2 I love but its been flown a lot and I think that Seal & Glide will give the beast a few more hours of fun. Thanks to all.
  • Ryan Stotts – This 303 Aerospace Protectant specifically calls out sailcloth:  https://303products.com/