Night/Long Distance Buggying, whats best to use? questions


Dawn by Jim Wallis


  • Martin Smith – Just starting to work out an equipment list for Iain Newton King for his 24 hour Fundraising LINK, what do you advise we have with us, for him, for the buggy, to make it easyer to see at night, we would appreciate any help you can give as we have never done anything like this before
  • Bobby Muse – I’m interested in this because I’d like to make a 24 hour run sometime and I’m not sure of all that might be required.  I’m sure there is lots of stuff you wouldn’t think about until you are deep into it.
  • Garry Box – Well for hoylake 24 we only allow running lights to be seen by rather than to see. This is because it is actually not as dark as you think at night (at hoylake there is all the light coming of the shoreline etc). Also if all had more powerful lights they would just be ruining other pilots night vision. We also set a course during hours of darkness and mark or clear any obvious hazards. Obviously for solo effort you may want to consider better lights but dont think they are really necesary
  • Craig Hansen – Kitezone Muriwai aka gannet is our local expert on the all nighter buggy run stuff he might chip in, but glow sticks in the sand as runway markers and a good (900 lumens) head torch would do it. Generally we have better wind at night on the full moon so picking that time of the cycle might also help and mid summer = longer days and shorter nights. My 2 cents.
  • Kitezone Muriwai – Hi, I wound love to help/ support and advise for this
    24 hour Fundraising for Cancer Research UK .  Please just ask, from drinking  one cup of water every 45 minutes to Loctiting you wheel bolt on
  • Chris Albert – Cateyes fitted to front fork and spare battery packs
  • Kitezone Muriwai – I almost ran out of batteries for my GPS’s , So take good ones
  • It gets cold at night with the wind chill factor, so so have the right clothes, snow jackets and leggings. my legs and neck got very cold.
  • Wheel bearing, fit a new set to all wheels even in the spare wheel
  • Have a spare kite on board and line set ready to go
  • The beach need to be at least 1 mile long 5 mile is better the less turns you do the better
  • A good harness with extra padding on the inside
  • snow ski gloves for the night
  • If you get too tired at night 3-4 am have 20minute power sleep then get up and slam a V or Red Bull . Then your’ll be on fire for the next 2 hours
  • You won’t ever forget the sunrise in the morning it’s so awesome after doing all that work 🙂
  • Lawrence Simpson – to keep awake anytime I recon 2 V’s or redbull and 2 bars of white chocolate, you will be chatty as a hoard of canairies, kicks in after about 30min but must be white chocklate (big bar) and at least two energy drinks in a short period :):) buzz is the word…
  • Ian Nudge Pearse – PKC did keeping a kite in the air for 24hours. We purchased from the £1 shop these lights which were like foam tubes about 50cm long which has 3 leds in side that flashed. This made the tue light up, which we dropped into the cells of the kite at night it made the kite very easy to see, also looked cool!
  • Kitezone Muriwai – True, but after 20 hours you feel like shit, it’s dark your cold and maybe even wet and want to throw the white towel in
  • I don’t think the white chocolate is going to be strong enough 🙂
  • And to much V / Red Bull will make you sick at that time
  • Ian Nudge Pearse – I did feel like shit! we went from cloudy with 15mph winds – 40mph winds torrential rain thick fog to blue sky and blazing sunshine……Energy drinks will just make you want to pee due to the caffeine
  • I personally flew for 21 hours of the 24, with others flying as well or took over. Tis a sense of achievement, but no way would I do it again lol…….we were on 8 football pitches
  • Kitezone Muriwai – You’re going to pee every 2 hours anyway because of all the water you need to drink, but if you don’t drink the water you’re going to have one mean as headache in the night and your muscle will kill you when you wake up from you first sleep afterwards
  • Carlos Fandango – Read these accounts from people who have been where you are going…24hour-distance-accounts