Mudguards/Fenders & Splash Guards…? questions





  • Colin Kuhl – i want a full splash guard fitted to my PL bigfoot, is there a stock part or would i have to custom somthing.  If so what is the best materials to use?  I have a splash guard attached to the head stock but want a guard attached to the forks….
  • Mark Sherlock – Johns your man
  • Colin Kuhl – Hi Mark, Thanks i have seen the Buggy bags version, much easier to put on and off the buggy but still attatched to the swan neck, im thinking more attached to the forks and covering down the back of the front wheel.  more like a traditional mud guard for say a bike?
  • Mark Sherlock – something like this then maybe :o) LINK
  • Colin Kuhl – Brilliant!! spot on will give him an email to see what he can do…. Thanks very much. Nice!!  all Bob needs is a couple messurements and soon will have 2 nice new full mud guards… thanks again!!
  • Mark Sherlock – only thing I’d reccomend is not to fit it too snug to the tyre or it doesnt let the sand drop off down the back of the tyre but instead carries it up and out the front and it then blows in your face. been there, done that lol
  • Colin Kuhl – Point taken, im offshore just now or i would have sent messurments already!!  how much gap is good? how far down the back of the tyre can i go safely?  I see Popeye added some rubber at bottom to extend it im guessing some innertube rubber?
  • Mark Sherlock – Not sure what gap works, you’ll have to experiment a bit but at least an inch. You’ll want it all the way to the floor at the back, as per Popeye’s with soft rubber. When you first start to position it you will quickly see when it looks right :o)
  • Carlos Fandango – As Mark has pointed out, a very snug guard huggy looking does look the buisiness, I have one on the SuperBug.
    I soon realised although it looked good, once the buggy got over 40mph the fine sand would vaccuum around the guard and your face would end up in a fine mist of sand.
    xxtreme Popeye14
    Since I made the guard for the Apexx/Landsegler Manufaktur wheel set up with a much larger clearance of around 40-50mm I do not have any of the previous problems mentioned.
  • Carlos Fandango – Out of interest what are buggiers preferences mudguard/fender or Spash Guard?….I have to say from using loads of buggybags TSG guards and also many home made splash guards as well as quite a few properly designed guards.
    In my opinion there isn’t a great deal of difference between all of them as far as protection from water is concerned, they will all stop a great deal from going over you, but you will still get quite wet, the TSG has its advantage because they offer under seat protection as well, but for me a properly fitted mudguard/fender just finishes the whole buggy off.
  • Colin Kuhl – i have thought about this a lot, i am hoping the new front wheel guard will stop a lot, i was also thinking what about fitting guards to the rear wheels in a simular way? also what about fixing some kind of side fairing? like a F1 car? you will be more aero-dynamic and be able to manipulate the wind resistance from you and the buggy?
  • Mark Sherlock – I prefer a mudguard to a splash guard. The problem I have with the splashguard is because I buggy in shorts all summer it rubs on my leg and I end up with a very sore graze type cut on my calf after a days buggying
  • Marijn Tijhof – There’s stock PL mudguards available as well