How do you set up your seat? questions




  • Al Noblet – how do you set up your seat? hamock style long and low or sitting at the table eating lunch? benefits and drawbacks?
  • Carlos Fandango – I prefer mine laid back, suits the style I ride, better for my back and more aerodynamic
  • Bobby Muse – I feel more “engaged” in my Apexx with a vertical seating position.  I’ve ridden in buggies that were most comfortable with a reclined position, but they weren’t as secure as my Apexx.  I think it all depends on the buggy.
  • Craig Hansen – Smaller buggies at the table allows easer weight shift for tricking and agility, bigger buggies laid back for spped and holding power. Personal choice I like at the table.
  • Lawrence Simpson – I just fell in with being comfortable and laid back. Due to being so fooking tall I suppose laid back is better for me.
  • Julian Fisk – Sitting at the table for me! I find it easier to control the kite.
  • Dave Morgan – Reclining for me, I like the feeling of having all the weight as low as possible, however, this could just be a result of having used my head as a brake during inverted manoeuvres…
  • Craig Hansen – “Inverted manoeuvres” LOL u crack me up Dave
  • David Lees – I typically buggy in the sit up style , although I would prefer the layback & sleeping style for those long flat slogs. I find that if I set my buggy up in the layback position, I can’t manoeuvre so well in the dunes. Also, in the layback position the kite pull has the effect off trying to pull my Naish sit harness down my legs after a while.
  • Stephen Berry – In my Vmax my seat was always at dining table position then some helpful chap (Simon Jeffery) said your seat is far too high Steve let me sort it,  he was right, lower seat more comfortable and felt safer somehow, sitting in it as opposed to on it.