How did your involvement in this sport begin? questions



  • Jaap Tanis – I started kiting with a Siegers Challenger, a delta for speed. The rest is history now.
  • Tony Ferguson – When I was a kid I had a 2 line stunt kite. Saw one come up on eBay and bought it. Knew it was possible to do tricks with it do looked on YouTube. Saw some nutter flying along the beach being dragged by a big kite and thought, “that looks like fun!”
  • Joshua Walsh – Hawaiian team kites in a stack, flexi stackers and pro teams in stacks 20+ years ago.  Got back into it with a pro foil in 2008 and started my first home build.
  • Eduardo Lopez – in a small town close to Puerto Vallarta Mexico named Bucerias, a lot of kite surf there, so I started seeking for Land Kites and I discovered this amazing world.
  • David Lees – Watching a mate jump off a sand dune with a power kite.  I said I have to try it & he introduced me to doing it in a buggy.
  • Giacomo Cafaggi – just start loving kite from kid when use static kite…then acrobatic, then I know my friends doing kite bugging in our local spot.” I must buy one”…I said
  • Glenn Ford – Was an old time poledancer (windsurfer) had a burn to learn to kitesurf, went to Brisbane for a holiday plus kitesurf lessons met a buggy nut who gave me a go, got going first time. The rest is history.
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – Used to see it years and years ago on eurosport .. in the 90s . Always wanted a kite. Ended up with a small kite around 4 years ago and the rest is history. Harder faster stronger.
  • Wayne Carkeek – land boarding , sailing , stunt kite flying and then , bingo all in one
  • Kristine Long – After seeing someone flying a power kite at Skegness one day, I thought would get me one, just one to play around with. I got a 3m Buster of Ebay for £50. Two years later I have 8 kites and 2 Buggys.
  • Martin Smith – Short version: saw buugying at a local kite festival bought a flexifoil skytiger 26 flew it for a few years, had a go at making a buggy with so so results then bought a flexi on midi’s that was 9 years ago 🙂
  • Ken Shaw – Science briefing Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in ’97 by two Belgians, Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer, making a Trans-Antarctic crossing with NPWs and sledges.  If that doesn’t pique one’s interest, it might be time for a pulse check.
  • Mike Kenley – June 18th 2011 I descovered this video on youtube and posted it to my facebook, my comment was “I want to do this!” I purchased a cheap power kite and practiced every chance I got, then took delivery of the Playa Bug at NABX 2012. so in less than 10 months my dream was realized! VIDEO
  • Stephen Webb – Seeing Ian Meridith, Mike Shaw, and John Eaton flying some of the first  “Peel” kites and P. Lynn buggies in the UK at major kite festivals. I was flying Cody War kites, Proff Waldorf Super Star and various other stuff at the time. Just facinated by the traction kites and being able to move around in 1991/92
  • Karen Cartlidge – Driving 75 miles the morning of our wedding, cos the most important thing on that day was to get the centre spar that was missing from the Flexi Stacker 10 we’d bought the day before. Sounds a little obsessive when there was arguably more important things I should have been doing even then!!haha
  • John Jones – bought a cheap foil from Lidl and loved it, then bought a HQ alpha, swore that was going to be it nothing with wheels, then a scrub psycho, and a couple of other kites, then a buggy, and more kites, then started racing and got a few old race kites, now a race buggy, why oh why cant i stop, i now have about a dozen kites and 2 buggies, 2 landboards, without all this i would now have so much more money
  • Martin Cooke – Saw kiters at cleethorpes, bought a flexi super 10, then a radsail pro 4m and a land board, fell off land board broke my wrist and decided buggying was safer
  • Alasdair Macleod – My bro law came up on holiday with a imp 4.5m . Had go and was hooked!
  • Carlos Fandango – I was walking the dog through our local park, I saw this guy with a 3.9m Blade….I wondered over and started chatting with him, he offered me a go….the moment the kite left the ground, I was hooked and bought a 2m Firebee that night.
  • Richard Gaughan – Walking on the beach with my missus and mentioned that I wanted to get back into kiting.  She contacted one of her brothers (used to make and sell kites in Germany) and I ended up with a surpirse one Christmas – 3 meter Rhombus Firebee.
    Watched a million vids about kiting on YouTube and then joined a kite forum for more info.  Ended up buying my first buggy from Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – PL Comp – hated it – sold it and bought the Cameleon.
    Upgraded to a full set of Mk III Broozas – been loving it ever since!
  • Matt Cook – going to the beach the day before my back opperation and seeing a kite instructors course going on,my mates persuaded me to have a go, had a short lesson off tom beaton and then i got hooked
  • Robin Cook – Stunt kites as a kid and a few goes on a 4 line foil back in 2000 gave me my first taster, wasn’t until last year when I sold my trials bike as it was wrecking my wrists and I needed a new pastime to get me outta the house. Ordered me first…
    kite and started hitting YouTube, hadn’t even received me kite when I got my landboard on route. Couple of decent sessions on it before an old workmate gave me a go in his Peter Thin and I picked my own buggy up on the way home that day. Hooked ever since.
  • Bobby Muse – My wife saw a booth set up at a festival and asked me what “Flexifoil” was.  I told her it was a kite company.  She said “there is a booth set up right over there”.  She had no idea where that would lead.  It was Angus Campbell at Coastal Wind Sports.  Bought my first 4 line kite from him that day and met him on the beach a little while later where we flew our kites.
  • Eugene Visser – Too much wind… true story. Killing time in Mmabatho when someone pulled a 6ft Flexi out of the car. Year later I moved to New Zeealand, home of Peter Lynn and started a job down the road from a Kiteworks and one thing after another… making kites, then buggies, kitesurfboards, kite mountainbaords. Learned to snowboard along the way and added kite to the arrangement. 15 years of fun!
  • Gustav Nissen Søe – In the summer of 1995 I saw some kitebuggiers at Fanø, and told the others I want to do that. Weekend later I had a buggy and a kite. Libre and Quadrofoil 3,0m. Year later I was participating in national races, with the same gear, loads of fun 🙂