Helmets, which one?

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  • Nick Thompson – After having quite a bad OBE this weekend just wondered what helmets everyone uses
  • Alan Vidow – Scorpion Exo VX-15 (yes the flo yellow one) & a Fox Undertow V1
  • Carlos Fandango – Icaro 4flight Cut  LINK
  • Bobby Muse – Fly MX full face helmet.
  • John Trainor – Charly Insider or Lazer Downhill  LINK or LINK
  • Dimitri Melnik – HJC motorbike inegral helmet. Feel me very safe with it.
  • Robin Cook – Fly with a race certified motorbike helmet. Don’t fancy a mx helmet, the chin guards stick way to far out for my liking. Can imagine one digging in the sand…
    Use a moto trials helmet on low wind days, high neck line makes for no loss in head movement and great vision.
  • Nick Thompson – yup was glad I had a strong motorbike helmet on when the buggy hit me on the head.
  • Carlos Urtiaga – I am like Robin, use a fully certified fiberglass motorbike helmet and have been for many years. Only problem I find with it is its heavy. I also use an american football helmet in the summer….
  • Robin Cook – Have a try of some new ones mate, can get some nice lightweight ones these days, bit more expensive but when your wearing them for hours at a time it makes a difference.
  • Carlos Urtiaga – I have tried a few Robin but with a full faced I actually feel very safe, tried a polycarbonate one the other week, that was a lot better but then I have a bike accident several years ago wearing one and it split in two!!! WTF
  • Mark Sherlock – I wear a carbon fibre mx helmet, fully certified and nice and light :o)
  • Carlos Urtiaga – I tried an moto x helmet but I face planted the beach one day & the chin guard dug into the sand. Not only was I eating lots if sand I also had to wear neck brace as it wrecked my neck, a bit like whip lash!!!
  • Ken Shaw – MX bucket, properly fitted. Like good shoes, fit is everything and cheap buckets don’t…
  • Tony Ferguson – Six6one mountain bike full face.
  • Glenn Ford – You could take an old motorcycling adage into account, If you have a 10$$ head buy a 10$$ helmet.
  • Karen Cutbush – I wear a moto x light weight helmet. Was wondering why some people choose to take the visor off (or are they taken off when  broken)
  • John Trainor – With the full face paragliding helmets they are designed in a way that if you face plant the chin guard snaps off to avoid injury. One of the race guys a few years ago ended up with a good few stitches from helmet damage
  • Giacomo Cafaggi – always full-face freestyle enduro helmets, good for hurts and good visibility.
  • Martin Smith – Full face MotoX helme
  • Davis Cheek – I went to buy a helmet. Told the clerk I wanted a cheap one. The clerk asked me ” what’s your head worth?’ I bought the carbon.         For me. it was a life time investment.
  • Ken Shaw – Troy Lee are nice and VERY durable if you like the MX deal, which I do, but I’ve had a hard time finding one to fit me properly. (But that’s just my melon, I’m sure.)
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – Is it important to have a motocross one or isit ok to have a downhill mtb one. Just tried some on in shops and like the feel of the mtb ones rather than the bulkyness of the motorcross
  • Tom Arlott – To get really techie about it you’d need to investigate the impact specifications on each helmet. If I recall correctly, anything that is pushbike related are all to the same spec, i.e. the little ‘sit on top’ helmets are just the same impact test as the full face DH MTB ones. Where as MX helmets are tested to a much higher set of standards and a variable set too.
  • Ken Shaw – The US specs for motorcycle helmets include flame resistance and shield impact worthiness. LINK
  • Mark Stiles – I use a Halfords downhill MTB full face helmet, I like it cos its light weight compared to the heavier helmet my Dad has for karting. I would certainly recommend a full face helmet compared to the kite surfer/land boarder style helmets, especially as at the weekend someones kite hit my lines and their lines went across my neck and up the side of my helmet – luckily all I have to show is a burn on my neck and no lost ears.
  •  The HQ helmets I’ve seen just have straps at the side, not saying kite surfing/kite boarding helmets are bad – i know some have ear protection – just I seen some that don’t.
  • Alan Vidow – You do get used to motocross lids. My is a heavy one at 1400grams. But super comfy & adjustable (via air pump) cheek pads