Harness, which one?

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    • Carlos Fandango – I have tried them all over the years, waist, seat, climbing, Ozone…most designs infact, but I have to say, since purchasing the PL Divine Harness, I have never looked back, the comfort from these harness’s are second to none, and they dont feel like you are wearing a nappy.
    • Bobby Muse – I forget I’m wearing my Peter Lynn Divine harness.  As a buggier, I can’t imagine using a waist harness.  Even on the water I feel more secure with a seat harness on. My water harness is a Mystic Force Shield.
    • Stef de Dk – the best is the force shield de chez mystic
    • Mark Sherlock – Peter Lynn Divine for me :o)
    • Alasdair Macleod – Ozone is only one I’ve tried . Am very happy with it.
    • Dave Roberts – Rob Hills special 😀
    • Marcus Livermore – Slightly modded TreeFlex arborist harness ! Designed to be worn for long periods of time with lots of gear attached to It … Is perfect in almost everyway … Maybe not price but most others 🙂 lol
    • Joshua Walsh – ?+ another for the divine.
    • Andy Cartlidge – Got to be a Rob Hills special nothing else comes close 🙂
    • Carlos Urtiaga – Bump & Jump with a home built roller bar. Have used them for years, even got a spare as no longer made!!!
    • Marcus Livermore – LINK There it is but with all it’s gear attachment loops n shackles removed …
    • John Jones – ion b2 harness n shorts
    • Bart Bristow – Peter Lynn divine for me 🙂
    • Yazkuza Yakuza – For me  the harness from libre is the best   As  culotte harness
    • Wayne Carkeek – the emperors new harness … no harness at all in general.   i don’t mind the kiteworks ozone harness , i have a mystic kitesurf harness which is really nice.
    • Pete Stinson – Peter Lynn Devine but only have it 6 months and it’s starting to wear and tear badly I’ve heard a few say they arnt hard wearing. I can’t see mine doing this years racing 🙁
    • Mark Sherlock – Yea I’ve had mine 2 years now and I’ve had to do a couple of repairs to it, mainly on the straps for the spreader bar. Repairs well though :o)
    • Donald L Gould – Dakine Nitrous HD Boardshort Harness for me there is no extra padding behind me in the buggy you can wear it on the snow and the water .
    • Stevie Shearn – I buggy with a Wild Country climbing harness. Having snapped the plastic buckles clean out on2 kite harnesses while using a large depower! PL sounds interesting though 😉
    • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – I currently use a ocean rodeo session 1 harness .
    • Marc ten Brink – Libre de Luxe and P.Lynn Divine, the Divine has more comfort (and is sexier with the garterbelt 😉  )
    • Karen Cartlidge – Another Rob Hills special here. Best harness ever! 😀
    • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – What’s the Rob hills special like ? Pics ? Link ? What’s so good about it? Where from?.. how much?.. what sizes ? Waist or seat ?
    • Andy Cartlidge – Hand built by Rob designed specifically for freestyle, awesome bit of kit allows you to hold down much more power.
    • Marcus Livermore – It’s based on a climbing harness mate .wen I last spoke about one with him and that was well over a year ago it would cost me £90 I no rob well and love him to bits but I think even he would say a harness is a harness every one is different and wants different things from one. As for holding down more power than any other so long as its comfortable and secure all harnesses will hold down what ever power you want to our through them !!!
    • Karen Cartlidge – ?@ andrew, I used to have a Maui Makenna (girls seat). Loved it! Super comfy, not as padded as the blokes (less nappy) & because it had extra bottom straps to hold the spreader bar down, never had the problem of not being able to reach the bar like I did with other harnesses that pulled the bar away. However, overpowered = wedgeyed!! Not regularly like previous seats, but enough to be annoying. Not a problem kitesurfing as i’m generally a kite size down on water, so i kept it till it broke. Tried the ozone & a friends climbing harness for buggying, but they both lifted my legs up like a puppet so strapping in was lifting me out & I couldn’t control where my legs were on the turns. So tried Will’s Rob Hills special & a bit like goldilocks it was ‘just right’.

      I like the looks of that arborists one Doc, it looks really solid! Similar ideas to what Rob has taken for his – comfy back, higher legs than the ozone etc. The only noticeable change is the blue webbing at the front is adjustable on Robs (as are the black tabs on the back like that one) so I can have them tight to stop puppet legs in the the buggy & stop leg lift, but loosen them (so I’m not walking like Quasimodo) when I switch over to a board. I definitely can have a bigger kite when wearing this sort of style though. When I switch to the water (now waist) I’m often 2 sizes down now,such is the difference for me.

    • Eduardo Lopez – The libre Hss is the best one for me.
    • Nick TheTog Horler – Ive been using a Libre harness ever since I can remember well I had a few over the years.. to be honest never found any other as conforable …