Handles v Bars, what are the pros and cons?

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  • Dimitri Melnik –¬†No cons against handles on 4-line kites in a buggy. Its the best solution ūüôā
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones¬†– Handles aren’t the best on a depower kite they don’t seem to work as well
  • Mark Sherlock –¬†Handles for fb, bar for dp. And never do it the other way round :o)
  • Giacomo Cafaggi –¬†handles for sensibility and feeling the kite, bars for safety
  • David Olsen –¬†In a buggy a FB will be very difficult with a bar. Handles are the way to go.
  • Alan Vidow –¬†I believe you get more fine control with handles.
  • Marc ten Brink –¬†if you have a bar you can pick your nose but for more sensible control you defenitly need handles (and a handkerchief)
  • Carlos Fandango –¬†I like the feel of handles, but 40+mph wind, I feel much safer with a 4m Acess on a bar
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones –¬†I suppose it depends on what kiting¬† you do doesn’t it.
  • Brian Holgate –¬†I agree with the group. Handles seem to be the ideal set up on a buggy. The feeling of the kite seems to transfer to the rider better that way. I really feel connected to the kite.
  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones –¬†However in the bike I feel a lot more comfortable with the bar.
  • Kent Kingston –There are pro’s and con’s for each, but it really boils down to what type of kite you are using.¬† With Depower, the only safe way to use the depowerable system and the safety system is with the proper control bar.¬† I would never recommend using a depower with handles, plus there would be virtually no way to use the depowerable features properly with handles.¬† FB is a totally different animal.¬† Handles always give you the maximum control with FB kites.¬† A control bar can be easier for “park N ride” type of flying but you do lose the ability to fine-tune the kite for different wind conditions and riding styles as well as lose the quickness in the turns.
  • Brian Holgate –¬†I agree!
  • Wayne Carkeek –¬†handles should be bared , bars should be handled
  • Ken Shaw¬†–I think you just can’t beat a bar for cruising. I feel like I can sit back, make a sandwich, have some lunch and light a smoke afterward with the free hand.
    I still like the aggressiveness one can achieve with handles but then again, most of the desert terrain I run is like the pucker brush at Elmer’s. The quick handling and instant power of a slightly overpowered FB is superior for that application.¬† With a de-power, I feel like I can’t build speed quickly enough to make a short cut upwind when I have to. I’ve tried running the brush with a Crossfire 3m, Beamer 5m and Panch Blaze I 10m on a homemade turbo bar and found I like the handles far better.
  • Thierry Delacour –¬†As a beginner, although I really like the feeling of a bar, I find the handles safer as I can drop everything in case of wrong manipulation (and I often screw-up with the kite) !
  • Simon Burgess –¬†bars for only lazy kite surf type kites , real buggies use handles and race kites.
  • David Lees –¬†Depends on the kind of kiting you do. I use handles in the buggy with my Blades. I need the fast response that I can’t get from a bar when running the dunes.¬† I use a bar when kite skiing back home.
  • John Jones –¬†i buggy, and use depower and fixed bridle, obviously you cant depower with handles, but i have on occassion used my turbo bar, which despite people slating it its really quite good, easy to run in the buggy,