Does racing appeal to you? if not what does? questions


Kite Buggy Racing photo Walter Carels


Does kite buggy racing appeal to you? if not what does?

  • Pete Gough – Would love to give it a go, but I am sure that I don’t have the time!!!!
  • Mark Sherlock – I like all forms of buggying, racing, cruising, safari, endurance etc. OK, maybe not freestyle/jumping. Racing will encourage you to learn your turns and generally improve your skill level. And if you attend a PKA event you can test out your alcohol consumption level on the Saturday night lol
  • Carlos Urtiaga – Blatting up and down the beach as fast as I can!!!
  • Tony Ferguson – Kite buggy paintball. Two teams of 4 with big targets strapped to the rear of the buggy. One team red paint one team blue. Paintball guns attached to the yoke with a rope attached to the trigger. Run for 20 mins and count up the correct coloured hits and subtract the ones that hit other parts(buggy or pilot)
    Now who has 8 paintball guns?
  • John Jones – hell yeah, racing or just cruising, do prefer racing, may suggest to SPKA they extend the season 😛
  • David Thorne – Yes that’s why I’m at mondial 2012!! Unfortunately there’s not much wind and it keeps raining!!!
  • Mark Coombs – Racing is great fun it inproves your kiting  skills
  • Wayne Carkeek – one of the reasons i still buggy
  • Owain Williams – Love kite buggy racing, just hate the weather we seem to try and race in!!
  • David Lees – I think it would be fun to try once but I’m not a fan of competitive sports . In Germany where buggy racing is popular, everone is so competitive that it gets a bit nasty at times.
  • Karen Cartlidge – Nope. From an outsider looking in, who has on occassion had a flicker of race interest, their seems to be far too much red tape. I much prefer to be free(style). (waits for barrage of disagreement! 😉 xx)
  • David Olsen – I really enjoy watching it. To close for me. But it is awesome to see the skills of the pilots.
  • Al Noblet – racing is massive for me, i nothing gets the nerves going more than racing, especialy on a windy day….we have a few world record holders that i get to race against and this is a huge privalage and adrenaline boost for me is i know im racing aginst some of the big guys….id love to race a euro cup just to see how i fair….it would b amazing.
  • Giacomo Cafaggi – just changing from freestyle to race..really want to try a race one day
  • Robin Cook – Would love to race but there ain’t enough skilled pilots on Jersey ATM. Maybe in a few years we can get enough of us together.
  • Bobby Muse – I would like to have the skills that racing would develop.  This year, I intend to ride with a course set up so I’m accustomed to turning around marks.  It’s harder than it would seem!
  • Thomas Mulligan – All the races are in Wales aren’t they? Too far to travel.
  • Mark Sherlock – No, 1 round is in Wales the rest are in England.