Do you think kite buggy racing will ever become an Olympic sport in the future? quesions





  • Timmy Squance – doubt it as it seems weather dependent…
  • Ian Nudge Pearse – If freestyle did, we would win! (UK)
  • Naaman Firth – Nah, it’s not spectator friendly enough. If any kitesport made it into the olympics it would be kite surfing.
  • Andy Mcmahon – Thought that kite surfing was included in 2016
  • Carlos Fandango – It is, plus there are a few weather related sports…yatching etc
  • Ian Nudge Pearse – isnt that kitesurf racing though? Not freestyle
  • Pete Stinson – But how does that work with kites. Does say Peter Lynn supply each country with 2 sets so everyone is flying the same?
  • Stephen Webb – drugs / alcohol testing all year long, No thank,s
  • Henning Guldborg Larsen – Pretty sure it’s too much fun and family for the olympics 😉
  • Garry Box – Well french wanted to have landyachting as a demonstration sport if they had held olympics so that could of happened. However the reality is that its highly unlikey as there are some definate hoops a sport has to get through to be considered. firstly an international body with at least 40 (cant remember exact figure but its in this region) country bodies affiliated to it
  • The sport must use a measurable form of scoring (so free style has no chance).
  • yes there are sports that dont meet those criteria already in games but once your in its not a problem its getting in that is
  • Ken Shaw – As technical and demanding as it is, Course Racing is going to go the way of most Olympic exhibition events. Freestyle buggy will be a crowd pleaser but l doubt it will ignite the kind of broad international public appeal and demand necessary for inclusion without a patron with deep pockets to pull it along. ANY exhibition sport has to bring it’s own revenue stream for the committee and sponsor cities to buy in. When we get 10,000 to 15,000 paying spectators showing up for a 3 day circuit race series, we might stand a chance of breaking into the Olympic mainstream.  National pride aside, the modern day Olympics  is strictly a money thing and a building contractor’s wet dream.
  • Stephen Webb – Kitesurfing probably got accepted for 2016, because Richard Branson, is a keen flyer and supporter…Oh! and it’s way sexier than dusty lakebeds and cold beaches:)