Bearings….how do you keep yours rolling? questions


Sealed Bearings



  • Andrew AutoBuddy Jones – Put new ones in when the old ones don’t turn no more
  • Richard Miller – to help keep water and sand out, I give all the bearings a shot of white lithium grease as they are mounted on the buggy, it helps expel the water if I get in it, and also helps form a barrier to keep the sand out. It has worked so far. Only one bearing set replacement in almost two years! Keeps them fresh all the time. Of course I might not be running as hard as others!
  • Cliff Baker – Try to make sure my center spacers are the correct length and square at the ends.
  • Martin Smith – When putting new breaings in I remove the seals fully pack the bearing with grease then replace one cover put the uncovered side inside the wheel and pack grease into the inside of the wheel with the spacer then insert the second bearing, replace bearings as soon as there is any play on them or they dont turn
  • Buggy Paul – Silicone spray works best
  • David Wilmer – When they stop change them ! At £1 a bearing what more do you want !! Ps they last me around a year racing !!
  • KiteBuggy BagMan – change when they stop, no point maintaining this disposable item
  • Ken Shaw – I put small sealed bearings in the same category as disposable razors…   Exceeding their limited utility life can be very painful and extremely disfiguring. Why run the risk ?
  • David Lees – I very rarely have problems with bearings but I  just replace them if necessary.  I have removed the rubber seals, cleaned out the old grease them out & repacked them with grease in the past but really it isn’t worth the time & effort because they are cheap enough items to buy.
  • Phil Derby – Years ago I used to go through the hassle of cleaning and replacing the bearings on our buggies (an boards for that matter).
    Remove the seals.
    Place in an old pan with some oil on a low heat ( best done outside as once it heats up it stinks !)
    When they’ve heated up and all the old grease has melted out give them a swish around the pan and remove with some old tongs.
    Drop them on some fresh oil to rinse out any grit, then leave them to cool on some old newspaper.
    Once cool repack with grease. Replace seals.
    Job done.
    But, as has been said before. Nowadays new bearings are cheap and easily found.
  • Giacomo Cafaggi – sometimes i clean it from sand and dust and put in a recepient with oil for a night..than remove and dry
  • Al Noblet – once was a push bike mechanic, bearings love maintinence, easiest way to prevent maintinence is to inject lots of sticky grease into bearings….this makes them go slow as fuck…..if you want fast bearngs, pop the seals off, clean all the grease out with with oily kerosene and resel the bearngs under w40 weight diesel oil or lighter if you dont mind the upkeep.