Beach Racers, Eurotrax, and Duros as in best performance, which one is best. questions



  • Stephen Berry – With reference to the Racing Tips I would like to know the difference between Beach Racers, Eurotrax, and Duros as in best performance, which one is best.
  • Adrian Levelle – In regards to racing the two to go for is Eurotrax and Duro, the Beach Racer is slower in most conditions. In my opinion I think the grooves in the tire make the difference you want 10-12mm wide and as deep as possible (EUROTRAX are larger than Duros and have deeper rubber.) with vertical sides to the grooves. These give the best sideways grip, displaces the most water and the sand falls out of them. In regards to weight the Duro is lighter and as such acceleration will be quicker but like a flywheel the heavier Eurotrax when spinning keeps spinning.
  • Arend Geerlings – There are Duro’s, the lightest but also the smallest of the buggy tyres. They are the most used buggy tyres in the Netherlands. The grooves must be put in, they are always delivered in slick. Beut the most shops…like mine can make grooves in it up to 15 or 17 if someone want to. Most used are 9 or 11. Then we have the Eurotrax. A more heavier tyre than teh Duro but also a little bit bigger……and we all know….higher tyres will runn more easy than a lower tyre. The Eurotrax is also delivered in slick and grooves must be put in. The rubber that used for the Eurotrax is al little bit slappy. so the tyre will be a bit go out of shape at high speeds with not to much pressure  in it. The Eurotrax is not the most round of the tyres. Than the beachracer……in Germany known as a “bremsklotz”. The grooves in the tyres ar deep and wide. So they make a lot of pressure on the beach. But….they have a lot of grip on (wet) grass lands. The problem with the beachracers is that they flatten out verry much on a 8″ rimm. So the best way is to put them on a 2.5″ rimm.

Beach Racer on 2.5 Rim

They become a litte round when you do that. I prefer the beachracer for my GT buggy on the 2.5″ rimm and I sliced all the rubber away….so I have like 39 grooves on it. A picture can be found in my profile. Why? A bigger tyre runns more easy and now the “brake” grooves are gone. I have a good tyre for my kind of buggying……But every kind of tyre is a personal issue…… everyone has to decide for himself……..just my two cents…..