Nike Tick Forks

We originally had this Nike Tick plate design for the original Dominator 1, those, as often were the case for trial first time plates, were cut and made by hand, once we are happy with the out come we would then have the plate drawn up on CAD and have some plates Laser/Water Jet done.  Ordering one or two plates is also always a costly process, and so if we can we tend to order a few and hope we end up using them, consequently we have ended up with a few boxes full of different laser cut plates.

We are now about to make a new buggy, and it was decided we would use the Nike Tick plates, thats two less in my stock….all told we think we only ever had five sets laser cut, so they are quite rare and look totally different from the usual fork plate.

I have made four sets of Nike Tick forks up each are different though, some have off set yokes, some are for Euro Trax, these are for the wider Beach Racer tyres on a 8X8 All hub, the intenal dimension is 310mm

The end of the fork leg

Close up of the TIG weld

Sweeping curves

With the plates being quite big, the forks are always quite weighty, never a problem having a heavy front end, help plant that front wheel