New Front Fender for the Landsegler Wheels

I wanted to run the disc fork with my Landsegler wheels, the one problem stopping me was the lack of a mudguard for the disc wheel, I set about looking on ebay, and eventually went for a Yamaha R6 front fender, straight way I could see it was too wide for my fork, about 20mm, so I cut a slit in the fender either side so it would fit.

My problem then was, how do I attach the fender, well I fabricated some stainless brackets up to used the original fixing points on the fender, once bolted together the fender was rock solid. I finished it off making a mud flap at the bottom from a heavey duty vinyl floor tile.

Mud flap made from a heavy duty floor tile



Now see the fender re-sprayed and finished.

More photos HERE