Camera Mounts for the Kite Buggy

On board video footage is getting more and more popular, when I first started videoing on the buggy in 2004, there were only a handful of kite buggying videos around, Instead of clamps I used to carry a passenger on my rear axle, one hand holding on, the other holding the video camera. Now, look on YouTube and you will find 1000s of videos.

This page is to help and share any ideas for mounting cameras on buggies

Simple idea from Riccardo



For the last couple of years I have been using the clamp below, it will clamp on anything from 12-55mm, round or square makes no difference. The SC1 Superclamp with Ball Leveler secures the Camcorder to any pole, tube, bench or table. Its jaws will attach to anything between 12 to 55mm in width. It can be fixed either vertically or horizontally. The Camcorder attaches to a ball leveling head making it ideal for Mini DV cams and all types of hand held camcorders up to 1.5kg. Suitable for Mini DV cams & all types of small hand held Camcorders up to 1.5kg.

The SC1 Superclamp with Ball Leveler












Camera’s view















Here on the 42mm Swan neck













In action here on the side of the Cheetah 27mm tube