Stainless Etrex Holder

Stainless Steel Garmin Etrex GPS Holder

These stylish laser cut Etrex holder holds the Etrex firmly and snugly and fixes to the swan neck or down tube of the kite buggy. It is made from 1mm 304 grade stainless, fixed by two 6mm counter sunk bolts (supplied) simply mark the down tube/swan neck through the two holes in the holder, and drill two 5mm holes, and thread them with a 6mm tap.

Once the holes are threaded, place each bolt through the holes and put a 10mm washer (supplied) on each bolt in between the swan neck/down tube and the holder, this is to allow the countersink bolt sit flush inside the holder, then just tighten up.

To insert the Etrex push in and up to the top of the holder, push the Etrex to the back then slide down, the Etrex will be held very snugly against the sides of the holder.

I have been using these holders for the last three years and have never had an Etrex come loose or never not got a signal, they are made to last and protect the Etrex from all the conditions that we buggiers throw at them. You can view the data on the GPS interface easilly and at all times.

They are £24.99 polished and £2.50 P&P

Sand-Yeti: I have one of these and been using it for sometime now in our very rough terrain. The buggy has been airborne, crashed down ,flipped over etc. and never had so much as a scratch on the holder. It protects the GPS extremely well, look smart and more importanrtly allows one to see the GPS screen well compared to sliding it into a soft GPS holder with a plastic screen.