Leading Link

The Carkeek Leading Link

The leading link I built is unique , no one else uses this mount or the geometry but I once again acknowledge the massive contribution Peter Lynn has made to our sport and inspiring me to try making my own leading link with the tools and resources I had.





The Leading Links below are the ones I have incorporated into PTW Buggies, the result….your feet stay still, and it turns a rippled beach into a snooker table, ironing out all the bumps

Avalable in NR and Chloroprene.
Consists of 2 parts; a rubber ring and a rubber bush bonded to a central metal spacer.
Load range from 80 to 450 kg.
Dynamic vertical movements are restricted and excellent stability is provided horizontally.
Dynamic efficiency in all directions.
It can accommodate distortion and misalignment.
Operating temperature range is -30 C to 100 C.
Easy installation.
Low cost.