Hot Wiring

Controversial….yes, widely used in New Zealand, Hot wiring is where the kite is attached to the buggy directly, and not the buggy pilot. I thought I would give this a go with the Dominator after suffering two OBE’s from two sessions.

At first it is a bit of a pain until you get the routine down. I can get re-rigged in the buggy and under way again in about 1 minute after the kite has been sorted out and all. Since you really can’t use it to race with you really don’t need to be fast with it. At first you will be a little aggravated but being able to use this system, you will not have to worry about getting pulled out and getting hurt. The benefits of using it in turns will put a giant grin on your face. Coming into a corner at 30 to 35 mph you bring your kite high and just a little behind you so you just feel the buggy get a little light, pop the front tire and do and under turn with the kite, you go into a power slide doing 30mph getting whipped around in a 10 to 20 ft arc never loosing speed, man it is cool! I’ve done so many of them now that I at about 50ft from where I want to turn I close my eyes and don’t open them again until I’m going straight again coming out of the turn, what a rush.
It is well worth the learning curve you will go through in the beginning.