Flexi Buggy Down Tube harness Attachment Point

Hi Carlos, I hope you don’t mind me asking you but you have a great rep for helping out the kiting crowd and I know I’ll get an honest answer from you.
I’m after a bracket to attach to the sides of the side-rail plates to form a point of attachment for a harness. I’ve seen the mods you did for Phil Revill and the design is kind of based of that but I don’t want the bracket to be welded. I’ve sketched something up to give you an idea, and in the hope you can make something like it.

1st Sketch

Its been designed so I can reuse the bracket when I trash the side rails, which is bound to happen now I’ve started to look at freestyle. The sketch isn’t to size and is as rough as they come. If you need any other info please ask.


Chris P

Went out today and had a great session, the bracket works really well. In the back of my mind was the ‘I wouldn’t want to slide on that’ so tried. It just grazes my backside, mainly because the side rails lift me enough to not take the full impact. All in all.. very happy