Free Buggying Locations

Please send us any other free to use Buggying Locations


Australia, North East Location, Conway Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland Park at, Southern end just as you come down the hill, turn right. Restrictions, None, try not to kill the wee little crabs Best Tyres, Barrows are all that is required

Australia, East Location, South East Queensland, Bribie Island ‘Skirmish Point’ Park at, Benalong Street car park . Restrictions, Walk south on beach for 6 -800 meters till you hit the butress, Best in a SE wind, works 3 – 4 hours off the Big low tide Best Tyres Midis are fine

Australia, East Location, South East Queensland, Bribie Island ‘Reds Beach’ Park at,  Small track off Tully street leads you to an ISOLATED carpark.  Restrictions, Can get busy with beachgoers, Best in a S wind, keep it to 2 hours either side of the low tide Best Tyres, Midis are fine

Australia, East Location, South East Queensland, Bribie Island ‘The Northern Bunkers’ Park at,  North Street, as far north as you can.  Restrictions. Can get VERY busy with beachgoers, Best in a ENE wind, runs up to 20km long Best Tyres, Midis are fine

Australia, North East Location, Central Queensland, Rockhampton ‘Farnborough Beach’ – Bangalee Park at,  End of Hinz Avenue . Restrictions, Nice wide beach Best Tyres, Midis are fine

Australia, South Location, Lake George, New South Wales Park at, The rest area at the base of the hill Restrictions.  It’s a farm – if the gate is closed when you reach it, make sure it is closed after you go through it. Best Tyres The surface can be a bit rough, but all tyres catered for

Australia, South East Location, Seven Mile Beach National Park, NSW Park at, the National Park car park off David Berry Road. Restrictions, The beach can be a bit narrow at high tide Best Tyres, Whatever you use on the beach – a mix of hard and soft sand.

Australia, South East Location, Midge Point Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland Park at, Anywhere you can see the beach Restrictions, None Best Tyres, Barrows are all that is required

Canada, Mid East Location, Sauble Beach, Ontario Park at, on beach to south side or along street over the dune on north side Restrictions, Sauble north- none. Sauble south no buggy may24 to sept5. Best Tyres,  all. This is a hard pack sand that is hard as cement. Hard to even get a stake in it. North & south beaches are separated by wide fence posts & are easily navigated through or around at waters edge. Beach is wide & 12 miles long. 6 to north sauble & 6 to south sauble.

Canada, Mid East Location, Wasaga Beach (worlds longest freshwater groomed beach- 27km+) Park at, Main beach (beach area one) or any of the other provencial parks(beaches two through eight) Restrictions, off season only. No buggying from May till  Oct. Best Tyres, BF but barrow work well too. Hard pack with a slight texture from machine groming & beach cleaning.

Chile, West Location, Rocas de Santo Domingo, 5ª Región Part at, Rocas de Santo Domingo Restrictions, if any Buggy 30 kms length by 50 meters wide Best tyres, BF

Chile, Mid location, Los Molles, 4ª Región Park at, village Los Molles Restictions,  Buggy 3,5 kms length by 100 meters wide Best Tyres, BF

Denmark Location, Sönderstrand The south beach – Park at, just drive onto the beach and buggy from the car Restrictions, only in the buggy area Best tyres, Anything goes, hard flat sand most of the time

England, North West location, Bolton Le Sands, Lancashire Park at, Near Redbank Farm beach car Park Restictions  None but VERY tide intensive (Much Care Needed) 4 Square Miles? Best Tyres, Anything (Rock Hard Uber Flat Beach)

England, East location,Fraisthorpe, North Yorkshire (Bridlington) Park at, Farmers Field Car Park right above Beach Restictions  Not 100% but 400yrds to sea (tide out) around 2ml in each direction Best Tyres, Any

England, East Location, Old Hunstanton Park at, There’s a gravel car park near the light house (bit of a treck with all ya gear) OR carry on driving along the road Golf Course road/Sea lane park behind the pub (Ancient Mariner). It gets full very quickly!! Restrictions, On exiting the slip road from car park (Sea Lane) to beach via the lifeboat station walk approx 500m North (right when facing sea) and set up around 100m west (towards sea) to keep area clear of walkers and other beach users. Longer walk if using the Lighthouse car park. Best Tyres, Any

England, West Location, Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol Park at, Uphill on the beach car park Restrictions, Best Tyres,

England, South West Location, Gwithian/Hayle, Cornwall Part at, Car Park at the east end of Hayle, turn off at the roundabout on the way into the town nead the Lidl Restrictions, No buggies in the summer (usually from the end of May). No wheels in the dunes (wildlife reserve) Best Tyres, BFs are best but Barrows are ok apart from near the dunes

England, South West location, Watergate Bay, Cornwall Park at,  Public carpark at the beach Restrictions, No buggies in the summer, I buggied there last summer (3 weeks in August) at low tide no problem- 1.4mile to the right of the beach entrance area, 1 miles run. Home of the Etreme Acadamy who teach buggying !!best wind for buggying is W to NW Best Tyres, BFs are best but Barrows are ok

England, South East Location, Sandwich Bay, Kent Park at,Sandwich bay on the dunes (grass covered carpark) Facilities: one toilet block. Nothing else until you get to deal/sandwich Restrictions, Will cost £5 if entering from Sandwich, may get in free if entering from Deal . On private estate. Hard packed sand, maybe wet most times. Best wind direction ENE Best Tyres, ?

England, South West Location, Crantock, Cornwall Park at, NT car park Restrictions, No buggies in the summer Best Tyres, BFs are best but Barrows are ok

England, South West Location, Perranporth, Cornwall. South Park at, Main beach car park (Well sign posted) or carpark outside of Perran Sands caravan park (Long walk!). Restrictions, Only really when lifeguards are on duty (School and some public holidays), signs on most entrances to the beach detail where you can fly (Only at low tide). Best Tyres, Barrows are fine, Midi’s might be wise however depending on the state of the beach. Notes – Only fly at low tide. Do not fly when crowded. Follow the restrictions and fly only infront of the cliffs at the end of the beach. Best flown when the tide is at its lowest out of season, the beach is huge and not crowded. Best local food – The Waterfront (Next to the beach car park), The Green Parrot, Berrymans (Bakers in the high street). Links – (Beach webcam).

England, South Location, Camber Sands Park at, Jurys Gap (gravel car park, free) Facilities, Nothing  unless you go to Camber Restrictions, Must not kite on main beach, fly until the red sign West, and up to the firing range East. Hard packed sand, some wet areas. a lot of kite surfers use this beach as well. Best wind direction South. Best Tyres, depends, but most work OK

England, East Location, Cleethorpes, NE Lincolnshire Park at, Thrope Holiday Park car park Restrictions, Entering the beach from the car park from that point approx a mile North to the edge of town Best Tyres, Any

England, South East Location, Greatstone, New Romney, Kent Park at, Large Pay & Display car park near all facilities. Facilities: Shops, toilet & Pub Restrictions, dry for 3 hours either side of low tide. Best wind direction East. Best Tyres, depends, but most work OK England, North West Location, Middleton Sands, Morecambe, Lancashire Park at, Access is via the narrow lane leading out of Middleton village past the new retirement village. Then just drive onto the beach and buggy from the car Restrictions, if any None, but same tidal estuary as Bolton-le-Sands and Knott End so same comments apply regarding tide tables Best Tyres Anything goes – hard flat sand

England, North West Location, Knott-End-On -Sea / Pilling Sands.Vast expance of open-ness.Similar to Bolton-Le-Sands. ( but,  I personally think Knotty is better…no water channles to stop ya) Must check tides before going, or you will get wet. Park at , Top of slipway on Clarence Ave, at side of road near village center Restrictions, NONE Best Tyres, Any,… its hard sand.

England, East Location, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire Park at, Seal Sanctuary, North of Mablethorpe Restrictions, You can buggy half mile to the left and 1.5 miles to the right Best Tyres, BFs but barrows are OK

France, South location, La Franqui, nr Narbonne, Med Coast Park, anywhere on the beach – there are many entrances via dirt tracks Restictions, none as this beach is a dedicated flying site, length 5 miles hard packed sand. No tides, so all-day buggying Best Tyres, All tyres sizes, but the French prefer barrows

France, North Location, Les Hemmes Park at, Salines, height restriction 1.89m. Facilities, None Restrictions, Summer restrictions apply, beach is 10 miles long, with a low co-eff the beach will remain dry. Best wind direction East. Best Tyres, depends, but most work OK

Netherlands, North West location, Ijmuiden, north-holland Park at, Ijmuiderslag, in summer payd parking, from october to april it’s free. If it’s payd parking you can park at the beginning of the dunes for €6 a day. Restictions,  Buggy 1/2 mile to the left and you need to wear a special ”shirt.” you van buy it at the local ”Beach Inn.” Best Tyres, especially in winter the beach is very very hard! all year long a types of tyres possible

Netherlands, West Location, Ouddorp Park at, on street called Groenendijk, 5 min. walk to the beach ) Restictions, Zone restrictions Best Tyres, Bigfoot

Netherlands, West Location, Brouwersdam 10 min. from Ouddorp Park at,  on dam 5 mtrs from beach) Restictions, Zone restrictions Best Tyres, Bigfoot

Portugal, West location, Baleal Beach, Peniche Park at. Peniche city entry near Intermache supermarket or Baleal beach depending of the wind direction Restrictions, Forbiden during the beach season from 1 June to 30 September Best Tyres, Barrows are ok

Spain, West Location, Santa María – Beach Park at, Puerto de Santa María -CADIZ Restictions, Not any restriction for buggy at autum, winter and middle spring, but forbidden at summer. LOW TIDE. 5700 m. X 150 m. . Best wind: W & E.    Perfect sand road, no stones, no pot holes . It is possible to go from Puerto de Santa María to Puerto Real. Best Tyres Big foot.

Spain, South Location, Los Lances – Beach Park at, Tarifa – CADIZ Restictions  Not any restriction for buggy at autum, winter and middle spring, but forbidden at summer. LOW TIDE.   2 x (3000 m. X 150 m. aprox.) On both sides of the river mouth Jara. Best wind W & E.  Perfect sand road, no stones, no pothole Best Tyres Big foot.

UAE, North West Location, Hamriyah Beach, Ajman Park at, Anywhere on the beach Restrictions, None.  Best tyres, BFs Remarks, Beach isn’t particularly wide, has quite a lot for debris (flotsam from vessels). Can buggy along it for about 6 kms.

USA, East Nahant beach, Nahant, Massachusettes Park at Nahant beach, parking lot.  $3.00/day parking during summer, rest of year free. Restrictions, none Best Tyres, barrows work great but all are fine

US, East Location, East Coast.  Southern part of New Jersey.  The barrier island of the Wildwoods.  Wildwood Crest, Wildwood and North Wildwood. Parking at, right on street ends near entrance to beaches Restrictions,  Power kiting and buggying are rare here,, only because no one knows about it,,,,, only myself and several others from surrounding states use the beach here.  There is a beach curfew during the summer months from May till September from 10pm at night till 6am in the morning.  from September to up to May the beach is mostly wide open and free to buggy and fly power kites.  The city of Wildwood Crest does have a local ordinance stating that you cant fly kites from May to Sept however again I have not seen that enforced,,, if someone put bathers in danger of injury or such I could see that being inforced.. Have to use common sence and safety.  You can not drive motorvehicles on the beach.  During low tides there are excellent areas for riding on hard packed sand as well as soft sand.  Wind directions of South East are the best, right off the ocean with North West being the next best coming right off the land.  other directions can be used because of different areas along the northern tip of the island which is running in a different direction. The beach is about 5 miles long.  Best Tyres, ?

US, South East Location: Jekyll Island, south-east coastal Georgia Parking:  $5/ day parking fee to get on the island gets you ample parking.  Wooden ramps and / or stairs lead over dunes to beach Facilities:  Rustic but clean and comfortable public restrooms and outside shower spigots.  Beachside motels, restaurants and basic shopping on island.  Full feature camping facility / RV park on north end of island (no overnight parking in regular lots or camping on beach). Restrictions: No kiteboarding or buggy restrictions but we have not yet whacked a puppy or toddler, so be careful.   No lights on the beach at night  May- August due to hatchling sea turtles. No driving on beach any time.  Alcohol OK, just no  glass. Best Spot: Kite Beach, in front of Blackbeards Restaurant, 1/2 mile ( 1 km) north (turn left) of island entrance road.  Blackbeards is state-owned and run, so indoor restrooms are public.  Ramp with stairs to beach here, but handicapped ramp 1/2 km to the south (I use stairs even with the Bigfoot; let it down backwards with leash).  Low tide at least 1/2 way out is preferred at high season (May- August), but 1/3 out is OK in winter.  Tide is diurnal with about 12 hrs, 50 min. between high and low tide.  At Kite Beach, high season at low tide yields normally 3 football fields worth of space for buggy with almost any wind, even with crowds, but distance runs are not likely with crowds.  Off-season, distance runs of 3-4 miles are possible with ENE – SE winds.  West winds possible but lumpy. Tires: Any on the low-tide hardpack (land-boards, too), standard wides are easier getting over the soft sand form the parking lot.

Wales, South West Location, Aberavon, Port Talbot, Neath Port Talbot Park at, End of Prom    Restrictions,   Buggying must be right of Prom when facing the sea Best Tyres, Barrows Watch out for Oil not good trashes kite, plus beach can be very lumpy at times

Wales, North West Location, Poppit Sands, Newport, Dyfed Park at, Pay and Display (occasionally manned hut) Restrictions, none, Notes, An absolutly enormous beach at low and pretty big at high tide, with a large expance of empty flat sand patrolled by lifeguards looking after the odd kid on a lilo or two. Really only known by locals and people who have found it by accident. Dog walkers and occasional hardy soul swimming and a handfull of buggiers is all you have to look out for. Winds predominantly from the sea (W, NW). Well worth a detour if in the area. Best Tyres, any

Any further locations, please send them to us, to add to the list