Automatic Quick Release

Jeff Earl aka Bigkidkites inspired me to make my own auto QR, Jeff had had a very serious accident  caused by having a OBE (outer buggy experience) a couple of years ago, because of that accident, he came up with a very simple way to stop any future OBE’s from happening. It is such a simple idea I just had to have one myself, and if anything try to make Jeff’s idea even simpler, anyone can make this simple auto QR.

All you need is….

  1. A kite killer
  2. A Stainless Keyring Clasp

Kite Killer wrapped around the side rail


A stainless key holder is fixed to the kite killer


The kite killer is then wrapped around the Swan Neck and fed through the front of the seat


The Key holder is then snapped onto the QR pull cord


The Bungee part of the cord allows for all the normal movement in the buggy


In the event of an OBE, the Kite killer will stretch then release my QR automatically


Close up of what is happening


You can set the desired length you want before the QR is released


When not in use, it can conveniently be clipped onto something


The Auto Quick Release