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Download  Kite Buggy Rules for World Records and Personal Bests 19.03.2012


14th March 2012

Just a note to just explain, what and why I have altered the Record Ruling, For a world record just having a GPS photo and a write up, is simply not enough at this level.


The sudden reason for a more stringent set of rules, follows the many doubts and raised eyebrows around Brian Holgate’s recent record.

I want to use a simple set of rules as possible, to get the data needed to verify a world record, also in the interest of safety and accuracy.

Please do not think I have just plucked these rules off the top of my head, I believe the rules are fair, responsible, removes any doubt, and are in the interests of safety.

I have looked at other wind sport record rules, for instance the NALSA system, It is oriented toward top speed records for wind powered craft of all types. These qualify as extraordinary claims and require    extraordinary evidence so the regulations are pretty rigorous.

I strongly suggest you do not want to go down that route, There are too many rules and it really over complicates what should be an easy record to validate. I would of course like to hear from you if you have a Strong case against any of the rules, but you must understand, rules are there for a valid reason, not just to be awkward.

Brian Holgate was hauled over the coals, (before his record was validated) I do not want this happening to anyone else, and in the interest of the existing record holders, the new record needs validating properly.

 The reasons behind each criteria

Three GPS’s – To get a average in case one GPS give a rogue reading, or one fails….you will still have two….the lowest of which will be the one recorded. If only one GPS is left, the record will not be validated

Witnesses –  Two, to validate the GPS’s prior to setting off, and most importantly safety. If there is a bad accident, one to stay with the pilot, one to get help, direct ambulance etc. These can also be used to maybe loan GPS’s and cameras, video, take photos etc.

GPS data log –  This is one of the best ways to validate a record run

Garmin BaseCamp Software

Full list of Rules


Remember, this will only included the Buggy Speed, Ice Buggy and 24hr Distance records…..all other records and PBs a photo of the GPS is enough for now

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