New Record – 2 pilots 2 kites and 2 wheels

There’s a new record on the block, and serial kite buggy record holder Peter Foulkes has done it again….just received the message from Peter

Hi Carlos2 kite 2 wheels 2 buggiersa
Al Noblet and I had a play on the tandem kitebike today,
2 pilots 2 kites and 2 wheels

Wind; SSW 5 knots
Kites; 12m Chrono and 13m Frenzy
Beach; Muriwai southern end
Max speed; 28.3 km/hr
Witnesses;  Andreas and Theresa Hamschmidt

We are starting to get better at working together but it a crazy machine, both leaning against the kites at the same time and working the kites without tangling lines, but that’s what makes it so much fun to ride
Happy kiting
Pete Foulkes aka gannet

2 kite 2 wheels 2 buggiers speed 2 kite 2 wheels 2 buggiers

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