Britta Berg G2296 – Fastest Woman on the Planet

Karen Cutbush’s 4 year top female kite buggying speed 77.57kmh / 48.20mph, has after a long reign been broken by Britta Berg G2296.

Last Sunday we where Kite buggying in Ouddorp / Netherlands. The Wind was perfect, about 6 BFT from North-East, so I was able to achieve 80.10 km/h for the first Time with my MG Croozer and a 4m2 RM plus.

I used a Garmin Forerunner 201  to measure it.
  • Carsten Schuur (G1220)
  • Chris Nakaten ( G1217 )
Greetings from Germany Britta Berg (G2296)

Britta Berg 2 Britta Berg 3

Britta Berg G2296, 49.77mph – 80.10km/h

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