Creating Speed

Nudge kindly sent me the image below from the No Barriers event a few weeks ago in May13. Although when taking shots like this its good to have a fast shutter speed, it does literally freeze the action, in effect I could not be moving in the image when in fact I was doing close to 40mph.

For those with a little photoshop knowledge it is quite easy to give the original image a little tweak to create the sense of speed or motion. I am not an expert in photography or photoshop, but I will try to explain step by step how I create the sense of motion in a still shot…or create the illusion of a panning shot.

Photo Take by Nudge at No Barriers 13

Photo Take by Nudge at No Barriers 13


  1. open the image in photoshop, image 1
  2. create a copy (layer) of the image image 2
  3. image 2, using the pen tool, follow the outline image of the buggy, pilot and lines, then remove everything else.
  4. image 1, remove any unwanted parts of the image via the clone tool
  5. image 1,  clone out the buggy, pilot and lines, leaving just the back ground
  6. image 1, using the filters, use the blur, motion blurr to get the desired background blurred in the direction you wish
  7. image 2 using the pen tool, trace round each wheel, the filter blur, radial blur, to create the illusion the wheels are spinning
  8. now with the un blurred image 2 sitting on blurred image 1 you end up with the after image above.

There may, and most likely will be easier ways to achieve the same effect, this is just the way I get the effect.

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